Ralph Droms, Internet Area

Ralph Droms, Internet AreaRalph Droms is a Cisco Distinguished Engineer in Research and Advanced Development at Cisco, where he is currently contributing to the design and development of IPv6-capable SOHO and home routers, as well as the development of protocol standards for Smart Grid. Ralph has participated in the IETF for many years, having organized the DHC working group in 1989, which he chaired until 2009. He is also active in other areas of the IETF such as IPv6 development and deployment and has authored over 20 RFCs. Prior to joining Cisco, Ralph was on the faculty at Bucknell and Penn State and co-director of the Computer Center at Bucknell. He has also been on the research staff at both IBM and Burroughs (Unisys). Ralph is a co-author of "The DHCP Handbook". His PhD is in computer science from Purdue University.