MIB Doctors

The MIB doctors/reviewers are supposed to help the OPS AD responsible for Network Management to review MIB documents that are destined to be on the IESG agenda.

The MIB doctors/reviewers can also act as SNMP/MIB advisors to WGs in any area of the IETF. Such is normally arranged between the WG chairs and the responsible ADs.

All MIB documents will be passed by a MIB doctor reviewer before they will be approved by the IESG. The MIB doctor review must be done after the Working Group Last Call and before the IETF Last Call. ADs and WG chairs responsible on I-Ds that include MIB documents should ask the OPS ADs for a MIB review as soon as the document completed WGLC.

In forthcoming MIB reviews the MIB Doctors will be applying these "Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers of MIB Documents [RFC4181, BCP111]". These guidelines have been updated by an IESG approved document: "RFC 4181 Update to Recognize the IETF Trust [RFC4841, BCP111]".

The MIB review will be sent to the MIB doctors mailing list (mib-doctors@ietf.org), to the draft authors, WG chairs, and respective AD. The way to reach the authors, WG chairs, and respective AD is to send an email to <draft-name>.all@tools.ietf.org.

Mailing list: mib-doctors@ietf.org

Area Directors: Benoit Claise <bclaise@cisco.com>

Members Email
Andy Bierman ​andy@yumaworks.com
Bert Wijnen ​bertietf@bwijnen.net
David Kessens david.kessens@gmail.com
David Harrington ​dbharrington@comcast.net
Dan Romascanu ​dromasca@avaya.com
Dave Thaler ​dthaler@microsoft.com
Bill Fenner ​fenner@fenron.net
Glenn M. Keeni ​glenn@cysols.com
Harrie Hazewinkel ​hhazewinkel@gmail.com
Juergen Schoenwaelder j.schoenwaelder@jacobs-university.de
Joan Cucchiara ​jcucchiara@mindspring.com
John Flick  john.flick@hp.com
Mike MacFaden ​mrm@vmware.com
Orly Nicklass ​orly-n@actcom.com
Randy Presuhn ​randy_presuhn@acm.org
Bob Cole ​robert.g.cole.civ@mail.mil
Steve Waldbusser ​waldbusser@nextbeacon.com

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Additional information may be found at: http://trac.tools.ietf.org/area/ops/trac/wiki