The Internet Engineering Steering Group

IESG Members

(The IESG can be reached at

IETF and IESG Chair
Russ Housley, Vigil Security, LLC

Applications Area (app)
Lisa Dusseault
Alexey Melnikov, Isode Limited

Internet Area (int)
Jari Arkko, Ericsson
Ralph Droms, Cisco

Operations and Management Area (ops)
Ronald Bonica, Juniper Networks
Dan Romascanu, Avaya

Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area (rai)
Cullen Jennings, Cisco Systems
Robert Sparks, Tekelec

Routing Area (rtg)
Ross Callon, Juniper Networks
Adrian Farrel, Huawei

Security Area (sec)
Pasi Eronen, Nokia
Tim Polk, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Transport Area (tsv)
Lars Eggert, Nokia Research Center
Magnus Westerlund, Ericsson

Liaison and Ex-officio Members
Olaf Kolkman, NLnet Labs - IAB Chair
Alexa Morris, Association Management Solutions, LLC (AMS) - IETF Executive Director
Michelle Cotton, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority - IANA liaison
Dave Oran, Cisco - IAB liaison
Sandy Ginoza, University of Southern California - RFC Editor liaison

Note: As usual in the IETF, the members of the IESG serve as individuals. Their affiliations are given for information only.