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59th IETF - Seoul, Korea

The Fifty-ninth IETF meeting will be held 29 February - 4 March 2004.

Pre-registration and pre-payment is now closed.

  • IETF Registrar's PGP Public Key (RSA 1024)
  • IETF Registrar's PGP Public Key (DSS 2048)
  • Hosts:
            KT - Korea Telecom

            TTA - Telecommunications Technology Association

         Organizations and Associations:
            ANF - Advanced Network Forum
            ETRI - Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
            KIPA - Korean IT Industry Promotion Agency
            KISA - Korean Information Security Agency
            KISTI - Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information
            KRNIC - Korean Network Information Center
            NCA - National Computerization Agency
            OSIA - Open Standards and Internet Association
            Cisco Systems
            LG Electronics
            LG TeleCom
            SK Telecom

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