Requesting Meeting Sessions at IETF Meetings

1.    Requests to schedule Working Group sessions should be submitted using the IETF Meeting Session Request Tool a Web-based tool for submitting all of the information required by the Secretariat to schedule your sessions. For more information about this tool, please visit:

If you require an account on this tool, or assistance in using it, then please send a message to If you are unable to use the tool, then you may send your request via e-mail to, with a copy to the appropriate Area Director(s).

Requests to schedule BOF sessions must be sent to with a copy to the appropriate Area Director(s).

When submitting a Working Group or BOF session request by e-mail, please include the Working Group or BOF acronym in the Subject line.

2.    BOFs will NOT be scheduled unless the Area Director(s) approved request is accompanied by a BOF'S FULL NAME AND ACRONYM, AREA, CHAIR(S) NAME(S) (given together with e-mail address(es)), AN AGENDA AND FULL DESCRIPTION, and the information requested in (4) below. (Please read the BOF Procedure at: before requesting a session for a BOF.)

3.    A Working Group may request either one or two sessions. If your Working Group requires more than two sessions, then your request must be approved by an Area Director. Additional sessions will be assigned, based on availability, after the cut-off date for requests to reschedule a session. This cutoff date is included in the "Important Dates" (, where XX is the number of the meeting, e.g., "65" for IETF-65) for each meeting, and in the message that is sent when scheduling opens.

4.    You MUST provide the following information before a Working Group of BOF session will be scheduled:

        a. Working Group or BOF full name with acronym in brackets:

        b. AREA under which Working Group or BOF appears:

        c. CONFLICTS you wish to avoid, please be as specific as possible:

        d. Expected Attendance (figures from the previous IETF meeting are included in
            the message that is sent when scheduling opens):

        e. Special requests:

        f. Number of sessions:

        g. Length of sessions:
            - 1 hour
            - 2 hours
            - 2 1/2 hours

For more information on scheduling Working Group and BOF sessions, please refer to RFC 2418 (BCP 25), IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures.

IETF Secretariat - Please send problem reports to