The IETF Meeting Materials Management Tool

The IETF Meeting Materials Management Tool is a Web-based tool for making meeting materials...including agendas, presentation slides, and minutes...available to the community before, during, and after an IETF meeting (as appropriate), and for submitting them to the Secretariat for inclusion in the IETF meeting proceedings. For each IETF meeting, users will have access to the tool from the date that working group and BOF session scheduling begins until the deadline for submitting corrections to the proceedings.

User Account Information

A User ID and password is required to access the site. Each working group chair has an account on the tool, and BOF chairs who are not also working group chairs are given accounts on the tool when their BOFs have been approved by an IETF Area Director. Individuals who chair other types of sessions at IETF meetings may also request accounts on the tool. To request an account on this tool, please send a message to and include the number of the IETF meeting, and the name(s) of the session(s) that you chaired or are scheduled to chair.

Features and Capabilities

Upon logging in to the site, the user will be prompted to select the IETF meeting for which he or she wishes to upload materials. For example, a working group chair may wish to upload minutes from a session held at the previous IETF meeting, or submit an initial agenda for a session to be held at the next IETF meeting. The following description assumes that the user selects an upcoming meeting.

After selecting the meeting, the user will be presented with a user's main page that lists the working groups, BoFs, and/or other activities that the user chairs, and that are scheduled to meet at the upcoming meeting. For each activity, the user can perform the following actions:
Before and during the sessions, the user can upload his or her agenda and presentation slides, and replace them with revised versions as often as desired. After the sessions, the user can upload final versions of these materials as well as the minutes.

All uploaded materials will be available to the public on the "IETF Meeting Materials" Web page as soon as they are submitted. Therefore, they can be viewed and downloaded during the audio-cast of the sessions. The URL for the "IETF Meeting Materials" Web page is: (where XX is the number of the meeting, e.g., "64" for IETF-64).

File Formats for Uploaded Materials

The tool will accept and post materials in the following formats:

However, when they are incorporated into the proceedings, presentation slides submitted in ppt or doc will be converted to html and pdf, respectively.

If you require assistance in using the tool, or wish to report a bug, then please send a message to