"Advice to the Trustees of the IETF Trust on Rights to be Granted in IETF Documents", Joel Halpern, 19-Mar-08. ( bytes)
Contributors grant intellectual property rights to the IETF. The IETF Trust holds and manages those rights on behalf of the IETF. The Trustees of the IETF Trust are responsible for that management. This management includes granting the licenses to copy, implement and otherwise use IETF contributions, among them Internet-Drafts and RFCs. The Trustees of the IETF Trust accepts direction from the IETF regarding the rights to be granted. This document describes the desires of the IETF regarding outbound rights to be granted in IETF contributions.
"Rights Contributors provide to the IETF Trust", Scott Bradner, Jorge Contreras, 4-Feb-08. ( bytes)
The IETF policies about rights in Contributions to the IETF are designed to ensure that such Contributions can be made available to the IETF and Internet communities while permitting the authors to retain as many rights as possible. This memo details the IETF policies on rights in Contributions to the IETF. It also describes the objectives that the policies are designed to meet. This memo obsoletes RFC 3978 and 4748 and, with RFC 3979 and RFC xxx (rfc editor - replace with the RFC # of -outgoing), replaces Section 10 of RFC 2026.

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