IETF Spam-Prevention Policies

Spam control on all domain email addresses is provided by Trend InterScan 2.2 running on Solaris. The following policies have been put into effect to help prevent the continued abuse of mass-marketing 'SPAM' messages.

Spam control is applied before mailing list moderation, so mailing list moderators will not see messages classified as spam. Incoming spam is logged at the secretariat, and the secretariat will occasionally scan the blocked messages to see if the rules work as intended.

Any message wrongly classified as spam will be reposted to the appropriate destination when discovered.

All policies search for 'exact phrase' matches to avoid keywords found in names and places. If you believe you have been incorrectly censored or have comments on these guidelines, please contact

Active Policies

  1. Anti-Spam
  2. AOL top 10 Spam List
  3. E-Greeting Card
  4. Nigerian '419s'
  5. Advertisements
  6. Non-English Trap
  7. Limited Attack - Repeat Offenders
  8. Limited Attack - Extended Coverage
  9. Backdoor Camera

    ***The Anti-Spam Research Group of the IRTF is ignored by all policies to prevent interruption of service.


    IETF Secretariat - Please send problem reports and comments to