Reported by Tim Howes, University of Michigan

Minutes of the Access Synchronization of the Internet Directories Working Group (ASID)

The proposed agenda was accepted with minor reordering of some items.

Patrik Falstrom reported that the WHOIS++ documents have been approved as proposed standards. Some updates will have to be folded in to the next version of the documents before it goes up for draft status.
ACTION: Patrik to produce new WHOIS++ drafts by Montreal

Tim reported on two outstanding issues since the last meeting. First, comments made on the existing drafts have been addressed in new versions. Second, the call for implementations of the kerberos BIND credentials failed to turn up any but the U-M implementation. The group decided that this feature should be removed from the current drafts, but the tags used should be reserved so that existing implementations could continue operating by bilateral agreement without fear of breaking.
An additional issue was raised regarding the issue of certificate retrieval over LDAP and the fact that the LDAP string certificate format is not guaranteed verifiable in all cases. The group decided to stay with the current language warning of this limitation and leave it to the next version of LDAP to address this problem.
ACTION: Tim to remove kerberos credentials from the drafts and resubmit them for last call before standard status on the ASID list.

Harald reported that this document will soon go from last call to proposed standard.
ACTION: Harald to submit the draft for last call

Harald reported that this document will go out for last call soon to proposed standard.
ACTION: Harald to submit the draft for last call

This document is the responsibility of another group and will be part of the RFC 1006 update.

Harald reported that this document would go out for last call soon to proposed standard, but that he could not find it in his mailbox. Mark agreed to send him another copy of it.
ACTION: Mark Smith to send Harald the labeledURI draft.
ACTION: Harald to submit the draft for last call.

Roland reported that a new version of this draft was sent out recently. Comments should be sent to the ASID list.

Patrik reported on a WHOIS++ URL format draft written by Martin Hamilton. Comments should go to the ASID list. One change needed is to the protocol ID. It was suggested that "whoispp" would be a good name.

Tim reported on the changes to this draft since the last meeting. These included:
Versit is a vendor consortium developing computer telephony integration standards. Several other modifications were proposed by John Myers and other members of the group, including:

ACTION: Tim and Mark to produce a new version of the draft with these changes.

Both of these documents need to be revised in light of the changes in the framework document.
ACTION: Tim and Mark to produce new drafts once the framework draft has stabilized.

Frank Dawson produced a document defining a profile for the versit vcard format. The document will be made available in I-D form shortly.
ACTION: Frank and Tim to produce an I-D from Frank's document

Tim briefly explained his idea for defining profiles that represent LDAP directory operations. Since he did not manage to get a draft out in time for the meeting, discussion was deferred.

Mark Wahl presented his proposal for the next version of LDAP. The proposal is compatible with the current LDAP and CLDAP protocols and adds extensions in the following areas.

John Myers commented that RFC 1731 should be considered for authentication. It provides privacy and authentication on each operation, as well, which the current proposal does not.
The subject of read and list access controls came up, i.e., how to handle them when read and list are replace by search. Mark suggested that this situation be handled by a section outlining how to front-end an X.500 '93 DSA with LDAP.
Harald asked if there were any IPv6 issues with this or previous versions of LDAP. There are not, though some related issues are being tackled by ITOT.
Further discussion was agreed to be continued on the list.

Mark Wahl presented his proposal for defining an application/ber-stream MIME type for carrying a BER-based protocol stream over MIME. Such protocols include LDAP and SNMP.
The group agreed that the work should be done in ASID, since the first application is there. It should be on the experimental track. There was some discussion about the approach. The feeling of the group was that the content-type should not be so generic. Instead, it should name the protocol, rather than the current approach of naming the protocol in a header parameter.

Ascan Woermann reported on some work he and Jean-Michel Ombrouck have been dong with SOLO. They have used SOLO to provide a corporate directory for large clients. SOLO's query model supports in a single query what would take several queries via DAP or LDAP. This cuts down on network round-trips and leads to better performance.
Several changes to the SOLO protocol have been made in the course of providing this service. Ascan and Jean-Michel want to know if there is interest in the community and whether they should update the current (expired) SOLO draft to reflect these new changes.
Further discussion on this subject was postponed to the list.

A brief review of the charter produced general agreement on the content. Discussion of the milestones and assignment of dates to milestones was postponed to the list.

The meeting concluded, slightly late, with an agreement to meet again in Montreal.