2.1.31 LDAP Duplication/Replication/Update Protocols (ldup) BOF

Minutes from the LDAP Duplication/Replication/Update Protocols (LDUP) BOF

The agenda was as follows:

10 minutes on terminology,
30 minutes on approaches,
20 minutes on charter

The intent was to define an approach on how to do LDAP replication, get a charter to form a wg, and then go forth.

The group generally agreed that the focus of an LDUP working group should be on directory synchronization, rather than making server A look exactly like server B in terms of functionality, which will be impossible in an environment where vendors are providing value-add functionality on top of their servers.

The first two items an LDUP working group would work on would be a requirements document and an applicability statement. There were four major work items identified as possibilities after that: One-way directory synchronization (dir synch), 2-way dir synch, floating single-master operations, and multi-master dir synch.

One-way dir synch is essentially the X.500 single-master, multiple slave relationship. Two-way dir synch is where you have the SAME data mastered on two servers and need to synchronize them. Floating single master is where there is only a single master server for a given set of data at any one point in time, but that server may change over time. Multi-master is directory synchronization between n servers, of which more than two can be writeable replicas of the same data.

Open questions:

Do we need to solve the schema synch problem to make progress on general dir synch?
Do we need to solve the distributed knowledge synch problem?
What about security and access control?
Do we need to standardize the mechanisms for selecting which content to replicate?
Do we need to standardize how the directory is initially populated (as well as reload of data)?
Do we need to cover replica compare and replica diff?

Additional items:

Cross-realm replication
Partial and fractional replication
Consistency models will be covered in the applicability statement

Items ruled out of scope were:

Request forwarding (e.g., chaining)
Index-only replication a la the Common Indexing Protocol
Integration with TIP

There was no consensus on which order to cover the work items. Thus this will be discussed on the list, with a draft charter to be produced by mid-January.


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