2.3.17 Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (adsl) BOF

Minutes of the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) BOF

The following are the associated notes and outcomes:

The ADSL BOF was held to determine interest in establishing a WG to standardize MIBs for ADSL and to bring visibility to specific protocol issues being encountered by the high-speed access community.

Dave Allan presented an overview of ADSL technology (see attached slides). Gigi Karmous-Edwards outlined the management issues. Discussion ensued. A requirement for a line MIB (pre-existing work from the ADSL Forum is proposed as a starting point) and a CPE MIB (new work) was discussed. The chief focus of the discussions was a clarification on what was required of the CPE MIB. This was clarified as a "device MIB" similar to what is being addressed in IPCDN WG. Some clarification was required in that the access provider and the service provider would have separate management domains. It was pointed out that a MIB was relatively non-contentious and chartering a WG to "fast track" such a MIB was a small thing.

Dave Allan raised protocol issues w.r.t. high-speed connections for home LANs and extending the IP service set that can be delivered with PPP over ATM. The absence of 802.1p/q solutions in the home among the list suggested was questioned. It was proposed that the extensions to the service set be addressed by Internet Drafts such that the proposals could be more successfully critiqued.

The BOF wound up with agreement that a group could be chartered to define the MIB and there were interest and willing bodies to do so.

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