- 2002/11/19

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[18:15] <Joseph> I don't get how "MIPv6 is a roaming and not a mobility protocol"
[18:18] * Joseph has changed the subject to: draft-ietf-mobileip-ipv6-19.txt
[18:27] <Joseph> chairs: push and publish -19
[18:28] <Joseph> chairs: solves the issues it was intended too, good shape; corner cases and others can be handled with later drafts/rfc's
[18:35] <Joseph> current battle, the way I understand it, is on current issues and if they should hold up last call on -19
[18:36] <Joseph> mic: We need to have some kind of document so that things can get moving in real world tests
[18:39] <Joseph> I agree, doing so gets things fleshed out with concrete results
[18:50] <Joseph> Final stance from the chairs seems to be to push the draft forward. If an issue is major enough it will get pulled from last call.
[18:50] <Joseph> New issue: MIPv6 and DHCP
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[18:58] <Joseph> New issue: Site Local Addresses
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[19:33] <Joseph> New Issue: MobileIP and VPN Gateways
[19:34] <Joseph> Is this for just VPN or MobileIP and Security in general?
[19:36] <Joseph> Is this a work in progress? or just starting??
[19:37] <Joseph> I ask b/c we've just "finished" working with IPSEC boxes and MobileIP
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