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Protocol efficiency
P+ to P:
Web services are by definition more verbose protocols. Hence, at this stage this does not qualify for a T mark.
However work is in progress (e.g. OMA, JCP) to optimize the exchanges to handle:
Client with limited resources
Constrained bandwidth
These rely on protocol compression and optimization (e.g. JSR 172, XML RPC), caching and gateways.
As such the protocols qualify as P+.
In addition, based on the qualification of efficiency provided in the requirement document, the web service framework proposed for SPEECHSC relies on known efficient techniques:
Asynchronous pre-programming of the engines as web services to reduce exchanges and avoid racing conditions
Possibility to piggy back on response message if transported on optimized protocols like SIP or BEEP.
state caching in the engines that are considered as stand-alone, pre-packaged and pre-programmed engines.
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