DRAFT DTNRG IETF-71 Meeting Minutes

Last modified: 20080320; Stephen Farrell

DTNRG met on Thursday morning with about 45 people in attendance.

We got through a very full agenda of discussions and presentations.

Masochists can listen to the full audio archive. There were jabber problems during the session, so we don't seem to have a log of the jabber room.

Aaron Falk (IRTF chair) commented that with so many documents (16 I-Ds in-play, 3 LTP drafts "done" and 2 existing RFCs) we really might want to have a roadmap document or something else (e.g. a Wiki page) to help people know what's what. Avri Doria volunteered to do some work on this. (If you can help, get in touch with her and/or the chairs.)

The chairs noted that we should start to finish up some of these drafts (or else we'll be doing this for years and years...;-).

We had a discussion about the meaning of end-to-end in DTNs, including discussion of the checksum draft. There will be an updated checksum draft published reflecting this discussion.

Given that time was short, there wasn't much discussion of other presentations. Such discussions should happen on the dtn-interest list. (If I cut you off at the mic, I'm sorry, but do feel free to start a thread about whatever it was on the list.)

There was some interest in having a DTNRG session at IETF-72 near Dublin. We will confirm this on the list closer to the time.

Following the formal meeting there was an evening get together to further discuss issues related to the future of the DTN2 reference implementation; thanks to Chris Small for the food and beverages and for his notes about that.

On Thursday afternoon and Friday morning some DTN folks took part in an interop for the bundle protocol and LTP. Scott Burleigh has written up a quick report on this.