Meeting notes from CUSS WG meeting, IETF83, Paris, France
Friday, March 30, 12:30-13:30

About 20 attendees

This report has been distilled from the detailed meeting notes taken
by Christer Holmberg and Paul Kyzivat.

Chairs: Enrico Marocco and Shida Shubert standing in for Vijay
        Gurbani, temporarily unavailable.


Meeting materials: slides

Enrico presents agenda and the WG status report. All documents are
about ready, goal of the meeting is to close all outstanding issues
and get ready for WGLC for the two charter items.

  No questions nor comments.

Mechanism for transporting UUI in SIP

Draft: draft-ietf-cuss-sip-uui-05
Meeting materials: slides

Alan Johnston presents the updated individual draft.

Issue: change of "purpose" to "package".

The change of "package" to "purpose" is not backward compatible with
earlier versions of the draft, and that implementations of those
drafts have already been deployed.

  Bruno Chatras: eventhough there is no general requirement for new
  draft versions to be backward compatible, the work has been going on
  for a very long time, during which time the mechanism has been
  deployed. Alan: can omit this entirely for ISDN usage (that would be
  selected as the fallback package anyway). Bruno: deployed
  implementations currently explicitly use the parameter. This was in
  some IMS version.

  Paul Kyzivat: if the name is the only issue, we change it back and
  move forward.

  Keith Drage: we can still keep the package name in the ABNF etc - it
  is only about changing the string value which is sent on the wire.

  A number of people (Andrew Allen, James Rafferty, ...) indicate some
  flexibility here on the name of the parameter if that is the only
  change and it helps some real deployments without harming anyone.

  Enrico: there seems to be rough consensus for changing the name back
  to "purpose", will confirm on the list before moving on.

Issue: extendibility of existing packages.

If we are to be able to add new content/encoding to existing packages
in future, there needs to be some text regarding such extendibility.

  Keith: each package needs to have a default content.

  Alan: will propose some text on the list to indicate this.

  Enrico: there seems to be strong consensus to delegate content
  extensibility to package definitions.

Next steps: verify consensus calls on the list, the authors will
submit an updated draft and then WGLC.

Interworking ISDN call control user information with SIP

Draft: draft-ietf-cuss-sip-uui-isdn-03
Meeting materials: slides

Keith presents the draft about ISDN interworking.

No outstanding issues, only editorial comments still need to be

Next steps: the authors will update the draft with the editorial
changes and then a 4-week WGLC will be issued, in parallel to the base
mechanism draft's.