IETF 83, PCE Session
Thursday, March 29, 2012
1740-1940 Afternoon Session III

1. WG Status

2.1. PCEP Extensions for GMPLS

2.2. WSON Optical Interface Class

3.1. PCEP Extension for Enhanced Errors and Notifications

3.2. Representation of Domain Sequence

4.1. PCEP Extensions for Stateful Control

4.2. Applicability of Stateful PCE

4.3. PCEP Extensions for Temporary Reservation of Computed Path Resources and Support for Limited Context State

5.1 The Applicability of the PCE to Computing Protection and Recovery Paths

5.2. PCEP extensions for the computation of route offers with price

5.3. Cross Stratum Optimization enabled Path Computation

5.4. PCE Traffic Engineering Database (TED) Requirements