IETF-88 Routing Area Open Meeting
ADs: Stewart Bryant, Adrian Farrel

Scribe: Deborah Brungard 

Stewart opened. Reviewed slides. Reviewed "Note well", need to say at earliest convenience if any IPR associated
with work. Be sure to say at mike your name.

Administriva and Area Status

BFD (Jeff) - Reviewed slide. Two documents in last call. BFD P2MP discussing with authors on possible scope
pruning/refactoring. Possible interesting item, "Seamless BFD", will try to go thru more use cases before add
to charter.

CCAMP (Lou) - Reviewed slide. Two sessions scheduled. Will spend time on what's called reference points, UNI and
ENNI. And overlays. OTN documents almost through the publication process. Also, OAM, finished. WSON documents
finished last call. Process delayed due to late/missing IPR statements.

Forces (Adrian) - Reviewed slide. One of the most adamant meetings. Rechartering. Putting together demos of using
technology. At bits and bites will do a slide with real hardware.
I2RS (Alia) - Reviewed slide. Meeting tomorrow evening. Have Architecture and Problem Statement looking reasonably
well. We are behind, but making progress.

IDR (John)- Reviewed slide. Meeting Friday morning. Trying to clean up some lingering old business. Trying to get
Add-path into RFC as seeing real deployment. A mixed bag of old and new for this meeting.

ISIS (Hans) - Reviewed slide. fs-lsp will do a major rehaul of protocol - will go another 10 years. admin-tag,
segment routing will see what can do. A new one on auto-configuration of IS-IS routers. Meet on Tuesday.

Karp (Brian) - Reviewed slide. Three parts on charter. Routing protocol analyses moving along. Manual keys almost
done. There's interest in automatic key management as we have a mixture of security and operations folks.
But very little interest by non-security folks, so most of meeting will discuss if need.

L2VPN (Giles) - Reviewed slide. Goal to do protocols for E-Tree (VPLS) by London. EVPN potential overlap with
nvo3 and l3vpn, will talk among chairs. Wondering to do MIB or Yang instead. I can do Yang, can't do MIBs.
Seems time to move on and do Yang.

L3VPN (Thomas) - Reviewed slide. Another draft not on slide just passed last call. Discussing this week
proposal on multicast and new work on unicast L3VPN evolutions and datacenter/datacenter interconnections. 

MANET (Stan) - Meet Thursday afternoon. Reviewed slide. New drafts on OLSRv2 and multi-topology extensions.
Next steps for progressing DLEP.

MPLS (Loa) - Want to say to the ADs, before did this at end of week on what did, now we need to say what
will do. We meet tomorrow and wednesday. There's a trend which I want to point out, more and more work.
Want to say thanks to MIB doctors, and MPLS-RT (review team), we have put 38 documents via the RT.
Reviewed slide. In preparing for this meeting, we had an overlap exercise with ccamp and
spring and pwe3. We need to take care to not have the same draft doing full presentations in multiple groups.
We are having incoming requirements for MPLS key protocols (e.g. SPRING). Looking at if need a new bullet
in charter.

NVO3 (Matthew) - Reviewed slide. No RFCs. One draft in editor's queue. Doing a gap analysis. Completing the
task is quite challenging. Starting to look at solutions even though not in charter, so as to help the gap
analysis. Several technologies in field not standards, need to be able to reference. Looking how to
publish in IETF, thinking of AD sponsored.

OSPF (Acee) - Reviewed slide. Two new RFCs. Requested publication on 6506bis. First polled for implementers to be
sure got it right. Intending to WG last call. Metric extensions presented in all the WGs, ready to move forward.
LSA-extendibility looking for someone who has implemented it. TTZ may have more time to discuss this time, maybe
can make a disposition on it.

PCE (Julien) - Reviewed slide. One new RFC. Inter-domain P2MP and vendor constraints have been stable, so hope to
move on with them to publish. Main topic is stateful PCE. Quite a few drafts couldn't accommodate as very full
agenda. Also will discuss performance-aware extensions.

PIM (Adrian) - Meets Friday. Started last call for IGMP/MLD. Reviewed slide. About 120 errata on 4601, so cleaning
up with bis.

PWE3 (Matthew) - Reviewed slide. One new RFC. On the agenda, bunch of new applications for ICCP. For those maybe
interested in doing MPLS in MPLS-TP environments interest in MAC address withdrawal for static PW.

Roll (Adrian) - Reviewed slide. Not meeting this time. Put out a call for working items for this meeting, WG not
enthusiastic so decided not to meet. Security work tried to go thru IESG but got bounced, redoing. Multicast had
an issue when Last Called so WG working on it. Main thing now is applicability statements, need operators
to give input on how doing their networks.

RTGWG (Alvaro) - Reviewed slide. Used meeting to discuss outstanding issues, hoping to be able to last call on
multipath. And made good progress on LFA FRR.
SIDR (Sandy) - Reviewed slide. Meets tomorrow morning. Four documents got good progress. Have a different type of
SIDR meeting planned, some topics need extensive discussion. So will have free discussion.

SPRING (John) - First meeting, not too much progress to report. Productive discussion. Expect to have proposals for
WG drafts in the next weeks. As Loa said, need discussion with other groups to see if overlap.

SFC (BoF) (Tom Narten) - Meet Thursday afternoon 3:20pm. Alot of mailing list discussions between last time's BoF
and this time. Hoping to have good discussion.

Adrian - Tried to have us meet earlier in week, and slides in before, before even travelling. Did you look at
slides before this meeting - a few hands. We'll try again for London as I think it's handy to have in early.

Loa - About having slides in time - I think need more than just London to see if works, need at least two more
times to see if works. I just realized last night and did it.

Scaling of MPLS VPNs - Proposed Non-Working Group Forming BoF (Loa)
(Reviewed slides)
We have a couple of issues around scaling. I don't really understand which are the critical issues. So think we
need to sit down and really see which issues that we should spend time working on. Some scaling issues are specific
for some VPNs. Some MPLS specific. On list of drafts on slide, don't look too carefully. Just strawwman proposal.
We think need these six working groups involved: pwe3, l3vpn, mpls, ccamp, l2vpn, and nvo3. For outcome, should
come up with a list of critical scaling issues, commonality between the issues, coordinate and get people to work
on, and kick-start. Hope gets a friendly reception for these items. We're preparing by announcing early, requesting
contributions, building an agenda.
Greg - Is it scaling or scaling and performance?
Loa - Don't think we are there yet, if want both, come and discuss.
Wes - As one of the authors on scaling. we are going to meet later in the week and try to update so can discuss in
London. I don't think can have one without the other (scaling and performance).
Stuart - ADs open slot this time will be Thursday lunch.
Adrian - The management AD wants to talk about manageability of networks using routing protocols. This is not MIBs,
but how to manage as a network centric unit. Wanted to come here, but he wants to wait a bit, and plan to do this
in London.
Stuart - In IESG, alot of discussion on manageability section in RFCs, not required, but getting attention, so
should give some thought and try to include.

Other business

Open Discussion
Loa - Don't know if this is right place, but wanted to point out a new draft by Dan King and Martin Vigoureux on
experience of being a WG secretary. The experience is really good. Keeping track of drafts, etc. If you don't
have a secretary, look at draft and see the benefits.
Martin - I think the RA has alot of secretaries, others don't. I realized it when wanted to circulate the draft
for input.
Adrian - At the WG lunch tomorrow, you should grab the mike and mention it.
Stuart - I was a secretary before - it's a good experience on learning what it takes to be a WG chair.
so encourage anyone to consider it.