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Creating Internet-Drafts and RFCs

This tutorial provides introductions to several tools available to produce well-formed Internet Drafts.

NroffEdit and xml2rfc are two popular ways to produce Internet-Drafts. NroffEdit is a WYSIWYG nroff editor that comes with a template for quick creation of an Internet-Draft. The tutorial covers the essential NROFF commands and demonstrates the tool. For xml2rfc, the tutorial includes a brief introduction to XML for novices and covers the usage of the 'processing instructions' that are available to control the appearance of the final document. Using xml2rfc relieves draft authors of the need to think about getting the boilerplate and overall format right, and provides citation libraries that reduce the pain of generating references to I-Ds, RFCs, and other document series.

Other tools have emerged that allow writing I-Ds in markdown, automatically converting into the XML format accepted by the RFC Editor (and performing a number of chores in the process that used to be manual work). Another tutorial examines the tools available and popular workflows that minimize manual work while optimizing collaboration with co-editors and contributors.