Document editing and shepherding

A Document Shepherd is an individual who provides working group-level support to improve document-processing throughput and document quality by working in partnership with the responsible Area Director.

Key Info

RFC 4858 talks about "Document Shepherding from Working Group Last Call to Publication", but there's a significant part of a document's life that happens before working group last call, starting at the time that a working group begins discussing a version of the idea that's been posted as an individual draft. This tutorial discusses the job of the document shepherd, the tasks that might be involved throughout a working group document's lifecycle from start to finish, and the potential for extending document shepherding into earlier stages in that lifecycle.



  • [1] RFC 4858
    Document Shepherding from Working Group Last Call to Publication

    This document describes methodologies that have been designed to improve and facilitate IETF document flow processing. It specifies a set of procedures under which a working group chair or secretary serves as the primary Document Shepherd for a document that has been submitted to the IESG for pu...

    Allison J. Mankin, David Meyer, Henrik Levkowetz