Internet-Draft The Multihash Data Format February 2023
Benet & Sporny Expires 23 August 2023 [Page]
Network Working Group
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J. Benet
Protocol Labs
M. Sporny
Digital Bazaar

The Multihash Data Format


Cryptographic hash functions often have multiple output sizes and encodings. This variability makes it difficult for applications to examine a series of bytes and determine which hash function produced them. Multihash is a universal data format for encoding outputs from hash functions. It is useful to write applications that can simultaneously support different hash function outputs as well as upgrade their use of hashes over time; Multihash is intended to address these needs.


This specification is a joint work product of Protocol Labs and the W3C Credentials Community Group. Feedback related to this specification should logged in the issue tracker or be sent to

Status of This Memo

This Internet-Draft is submitted in full conformance with the provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79.

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This Internet-Draft will expire on 23 August 2023.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Multihash is particularly important in systems which depend on cryptographically secure hash functions. Attacks may break the cryptographic properties of secure hash functions. These cryptographic breaks are particularly painful in large tool ecosystems, where tools may have made assumptions about hash values, such as function and digest size. Upgrading becomes a nightmare, as all tools which make those assumptions would have to be upgraded to use the new hash function and new hash digest length. Tools may face serious interoperability problems or error-prone special casing.

How many programs out there assume a git hash is a SHA-1 hash?

How many scripts assume the hash value digest is exactly 160 bits?

How many tools will break when these values change?

How many programs will fail silently when these values change?

This is precisely why Multihash was created. It was designed for seamlessly upgrading systems that depend on cryptographic hashes.

When using Multihash, a system warns the consumers of its hash values that these may have to be upgraded in case of a break. Even though the system may still only use a single hash function at a time, the use of multihash makes it clear to applications that hash values may use different hash functions or be longer in the future. Tooling, applications, and scripts can avoid making assumptions about the length, and read it from the multihash value instead. This way, the vast majority of tooling - which may not do any checking of hashes - would not have to be upgraded at all. This vastly simplifies the upgrade process, avoiding the waste of hundreds or thousands of software engineering hours, deep frustrations, and high blood pressure.

2. The Multihash Fields

A multihash follows the TLV (type-length-value) pattern and consists of several fields composed of a combination of unsigned variable length integers and byte information.

2.1. Multihash Core Data Types

The following section details the core data types used by the Multihash data format.

2.1.1. unsigned variable integer

A data type that enables one to express an unsigned integer of variable length.

When encoding an unsigned variable integer, the unsigned integer is serialized seven bits at a time, starting with the least significant bits. The most significant bit in each output byte indicates if there is a continuation byte. It is not possible to express a signed integer with this data type.

Table 1: Examples of Unsigned Variable Integers
Value Encoding (bits) hexadecimal notation
1 00000001 0x01
127 01111111 0x7F
128 10000000 00000001 0x8001
255 11111111 00000001 0xFF01
300 10101100 00000010 0xAC02
16384 10000000 10000000 00000001 0x808001

Implementations MUST restrict the size of the varint to a max of nine bytes (63 bits). In order to avoid memory attacks on the encoding, the aforementioned practical maximum length of nine bytes is used. There is no theoretical limit, and future specs can grow this number if it is truly necessary to have code or length values larger than 2^31.

2.2. Multihash Fields

A multihash follows the TLV (type-length-value) pattern.

2.2.1. Hash Function Identifier

The hash function identifier is an unsigned variable integer identifying the hash function. The possible values for this field are provided in The Multihash Identifier Registry.

2.2.2. Digest Length

The digest length is an unsigned variable integer counting the length of the digest in bytes.

2.2.3. Digest Value

The digest value is the hash function digest with a length of exactly what is specified in the digest length, which is specified in bytes.

2.3. A Multihash Example

For example, the following is an expression of a SHA2-256 hash in hexadecimal notation (spaces added for readability purposes):

0x12 20 41dd7b6443542e75701aa98a0c235951a28a0d851b11564d20022ab11d2589a8

The first byte (0x12) specifies the SHA2-256 hash function. The second byte (0x20) specifies the length of the hash, which is 32 bytes. The rest of the data specifies the value of the output of the hash function.

3. References

3.1. Normative References

Eastlake 3rd, D. and T. Hansen, "US Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA and SHA-based HMAC and HKDF)", RFC 6234, DOI 10.17487/RFC6234, , <>.
Saarinen, M., Ed. and J. Aumasson, "The BLAKE2 Cryptographic Hash and Message Authentication Code (MAC)", RFC 7693, DOI 10.17487/RFC7693, , <>.

3.2. Informative References

Turner, S. and L. Chen, "MD4 to Historic Status", RFC 6150, DOI 10.17487/RFC6150, , <>.
Turner, S. and L. Chen, "MD4 to Historic Status", RFC 6151, DOI 10.17487/RFC6151, , <>.

Appendix A. Security Considerations

There are a number of security considerations to take into account when implementing or utilizing this specification. TBD

Appendix B. Test Values

The multihash examples are chosen to show different hash functions and different hash digest lengths at play. The input test data for all of the examples in this section is:


B.1. SHA-1


The fields for this multihash are - hashing function: sha1 (0x11), length: 20 (0x14), digest: 0x8a173fd3e32c0fa78b90fe42d305f202244e2739

B.2. SHA-256


The fields for this multihash are - hashing function: sha2-256 (0x12), length: 32 (0x20), digest: 0x41dd7b6443542e75701aa98a0c235951a28a0d851b11564d20022ab11d2589a8

B.3. SHA-512/256


The fields for this multihash are - hashing function: sha2-512 (0x13), length: 32 (0x20), digest: 0x52eb4dd19f1ec522859e12d89706156570f8fbab1824870bc6f8c7d235eef5f4

B.4. SHA-512


The fields for this multihash are - hashing function: sha2-512 (0x13), length: 64 (0x40), digest: 0x52eb4dd19f1ec522859e12d89706156570f8fbab1824870bc6f8c7d235eef5f4c2cbbafd365f96fb12b1d98a0334870c2ce90355da25e6a1108a6e17c4aaebb0

B.5. blake2b512


The fields for this multihash are - hashing function: blake2b-512 (0xb240), length: 64 (0x40), digest: 0xd91ae0cb0e48022053ab0f8f0dc78d28593d0f1c13ae39c9b169c136a779f21a0496337b6f776a73c1742805c1cc15e792ddb3c92ee1fe300389456ef3dc97e2

B.6. blake2b256


The fields for this multihash are - hashing function: blake2b-256 (0xb220), length: 32 (0x20), digest: 0x7d0a1371550f3306532ff44520b649f8be05b72674e46fc24468ff74323ab030

B.7. blake2s256


The fields for this multihash are - hashing function: blake2s-256 (0xb260), length: 32 (0x20), digest: 0xa96953281f3fd944a3206219fad61a40b992611b7580f1fa091935db3f7ca13d

B.8. blake2s128


The fields for this multihash are - hashing function: blake2s-128 (0xb250), length: 16 (0x10), digest: 0x0a4ec6f1629e49262d7093e2f82a3278

Appendix C. Acknowledgements

The editors would like to thank the following individuals for feedback on and implementations of the specification (in alphabetical order).

Appendix D. IANA Considerations

D.1. The Multihash Identifier Registry

The Multihash Identifier Registry contains hash functions supported by Multihash each with its canonical name, its value in hexadecimal notation, and its status. The following initial entries should be added to the registry to be created and maintained at (the suggested URI)

Table 2: Multihash Identifier Registry
Name Identifier Status Specification
identity 0x00 active Unknown
sha1 0x11 active RFC 6234 [RFC6234]
sha2-256 0x12 active RFC 6234 [RFC6234]
sha2-512 0x13 active RFC 6234 [RFC6234]
sha3-512 0x14 active Unknown
sha3-384 0x15 active Unknown
sha3-256 0x16 active Unknown
sha3-224 0x17 active Unknown
shake-128 0x18 active Unknown
shake-256 0x19 active Unknown
keccak-224 0x1a active Unknown
keccak-256 0x1b active Unknown
keccak-384 0x1c active Unknown
keccak-512 0x1d active Unknown
blake3 0x1e active Unknown
sha2-384 0x20 active RFC 6234 [RFC6234]
murmur3-x64-64 0x22 active Unknown
murmur3-32 0x23 active Unknown
dbl-sha2-256 0x56 active Unknown
md4 0xd4 deprecated RFC 6150 [RFC6150]
md5 0xd5 deprecated RFC 6151 [RFC6151]
sha2-256-trunc254-padded 0x1012 active RFC 6234 [RFC6234]
sha2-224 0x1013 active RFC 6234 [RFC6234]
sha2-512-224 0x1014 active RFC 6234 [RFC6234]
sha2-512-256 0x1015 active RFC 6234 [RFC6234]
murmur3-x64-128 0x1022 active Unknown
ripemd-128 0x1052 active Unknown
ripemd-160 0x1053 active Unknown
ripemd-256 0x1054 active Unknown
ripemd-320 0x1055 active Unknown
x11 0x1100 active Unknown
kangarootwelve 0x1d01 active Unknown
sm3-256 0x534d active Unknown
blake2b-8 0xb201 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-16 0xb202 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-24 0xb203 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-32 0xb204 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-40 0xb205 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-48 0xb206 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-56 0xb207 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-64 0xb208 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-72 0xb209 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-80 0xb20a active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-88 0xb20b active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-96 0xb20c active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-104 0xb20d active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-112 0xb20e active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-120 0xb20f active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-128 0xb210 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-136 0xb211 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-144 0xb212 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-152 0xb213 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-160 0xb214 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-168 0xb215 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-176 0xb216 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-184 0xb217 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-192 0xb218 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-200 0xb219 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-208 0xb21a active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-216 0xb21b active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-224 0xb21c active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-232 0xb21d active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-240 0xb21e active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-248 0xb21f active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-256 0xb220 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-264 0xb221 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-272 0xb222 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-280 0xb223 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-288 0xb224 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-296 0xb225 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-304 0xb226 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-312 0xb227 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-320 0xb228 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-328 0xb229 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-336 0xb22a active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-344 0xb22b active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-352 0xb22c active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-360 0xb22d active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-368 0xb22e active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-376 0xb22f active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-384 0xb230 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-392 0xb231 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-400 0xb232 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-408 0xb233 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-416 0xb234 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-424 0xb235 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-432 0xb236 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-440 0xb237 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-448 0xb238 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-456 0xb239 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-464 0xb23a active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-472 0xb23b active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-480 0xb23c active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-488 0xb23d active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-496 0xb23e active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-504 0xb23f active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2b-512 0xb240 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-8 0xb241 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-16 0xb242 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-24 0xb243 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-32 0xb244 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-40 0xb245 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-48 0xb246 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-56 0xb247 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-64 0xb248 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-72 0xb249 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-80 0xb24a active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-88 0xb24b active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-96 0xb24c active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-104 0xb24d active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-112 0xb24e active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-120 0xb24f active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-128 0xb250 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-136 0xb251 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-144 0xb252 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-152 0xb253 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-160 0xb254 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-168 0xb255 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-176 0xb256 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-184 0xb257 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-192 0xb258 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-200 0xb259 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-208 0xb25a active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-216 0xb25b active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-224 0xb25c active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-232 0xb25d active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-240 0xb25e active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-248 0xb25f active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
blake2s-256 0xb260 active RFC 7693 [RFC7693]
skein256-8 0xb301 active Unknown
skein256-16 0xb302 active Unknown
skein256-24 0xb303 active Unknown
skein256-32 0xb304 active Unknown
skein256-40 0xb305 active Unknown
skein256-48 0xb306 active Unknown
skein256-56 0xb307 active Unknown
skein256-64 0xb308 active Unknown
skein256-72 0xb309 active Unknown
skein256-80 0xb30a active Unknown
skein256-88 0xb30b active Unknown
skein256-96 0xb30c active Unknown
skein256-104 0xb30d active Unknown
skein256-112 0xb30e active Unknown
skein256-120 0xb30f active Unknown
skein256-128 0xb310 active Unknown
skein256-136 0xb311 active Unknown
skein256-144 0xb312 active Unknown
skein256-152 0xb313 active Unknown
skein256-160 0xb314 active Unknown
skein256-168 0xb315 active Unknown
skein256-176 0xb316 active Unknown
skein256-184 0xb317 active Unknown
skein256-192 0xb318 active Unknown
skein256-200 0xb319 active Unknown
skein256-208 0xb31a active Unknown
skein256-216 0xb31b active Unknown
skein256-224 0xb31c active Unknown
skein256-232 0xb31d active Unknown
skein256-240 0xb31e active Unknown
skein256-248 0xb31f active Unknown
skein256-256 0xb320 active Unknown
skein512-8 0xb321 active Unknown
skein512-16 0xb322 active Unknown
skein512-24 0xb323 active Unknown
skein512-32 0xb324 active Unknown
skein512-40 0xb325 active Unknown
skein512-48 0xb326 active Unknown
skein512-56 0xb327 active Unknown
skein512-64 0xb328 active Unknown
skein512-72 0xb329 active Unknown
skein512-80 0xb32a active Unknown
skein512-88 0xb32b active Unknown
skein512-96 0xb32c active Unknown
skein512-104 0xb32d active Unknown
skein512-112 0xb32e active Unknown
skein512-120 0xb32f active Unknown
skein512-128 0xb330 active Unknown
skein512-136 0xb331 active Unknown
skein512-144 0xb332 active Unknown
skein512-152 0xb333 active Unknown
skein512-160 0xb334 active Unknown
skein512-168 0xb335 active Unknown
skein512-176 0xb336 active Unknown
skein512-184 0xb337 active Unknown
skein512-192 0xb338 active Unknown
skein512-200 0xb339 active Unknown
skein512-208 0xb33a active Unknown
skein512-216 0xb33b active Unknown
skein512-224 0xb33c active Unknown
skein512-232 0xb33d active Unknown
skein512-240 0xb33e active Unknown
skein512-248 0xb33f active Unknown
skein512-256 0xb340 active Unknown
skein512-264 0xb341 active Unknown
skein512-272 0xb342 active Unknown
skein512-280 0xb343 active Unknown
skein512-288 0xb344 active Unknown
skein512-296 0xb345 active Unknown
skein512-304 0xb346 active Unknown
skein512-312 0xb347 active Unknown
skein512-320 0xb348 active Unknown
skein512-328 0xb349 active Unknown
skein512-336 0xb34a active Unknown
skein512-344 0xb34b active Unknown
skein512-352 0xb34c active Unknown
skein512-360 0xb34d active Unknown
skein512-368 0xb34e active Unknown
skein512-376 0xb34f active Unknown
skein512-384 0xb350 active Unknown
skein512-392 0xb351 active Unknown
skein512-400 0xb352 active Unknown
skein512-408 0xb353 active Unknown
skein512-416 0xb354 active Unknown
skein512-424 0xb355 active Unknown
skein512-432 0xb356 active Unknown
skein512-440 0xb357 active Unknown
skein512-448 0xb358 active Unknown
skein512-456 0xb359 active Unknown
skein512-464 0xb35a active Unknown
skein512-472 0xb35b active Unknown
skein512-480 0xb35c active Unknown
skein512-488 0xb35d active Unknown
skein512-496 0xb35e active Unknown
skein512-504 0xb35f active Unknown
skein512-512 0xb360 active Unknown
skein1024-8 0xb361 active Unknown
skein1024-16 0xb362 active Unknown
skein1024-24 0xb363 active Unknown
skein1024-32 0xb364 active Unknown
skein1024-40 0xb365 active Unknown
skein1024-48 0xb366 active Unknown
skein1024-56 0xb367 active Unknown
skein1024-64 0xb368 active Unknown
skein1024-72 0xb369 active Unknown
skein1024-80 0xb36a active Unknown
skein1024-88 0xb36b active Unknown
skein1024-96 0xb36c active Unknown
skein1024-104 0xb36d active Unknown
skein1024-112 0xb36e active Unknown
skein1024-120 0xb36f active Unknown
skein1024-128 0xb370 active Unknown
skein1024-136 0xb371 active Unknown
skein1024-144 0xb372 active Unknown
skein1024-152 0xb373 active Unknown
skein1024-160 0xb374 active Unknown
skein1024-168 0xb375 active Unknown
skein1024-176 0xb376 active Unknown
skein1024-184 0xb377 active Unknown
skein1024-192 0xb378 active Unknown
skein1024-200 0xb379 active Unknown
skein1024-208 0xb37a active Unknown
skein1024-216 0xb37b active Unknown
skein1024-224 0xb37c active Unknown
skein1024-232 0xb37d active Unknown
skein1024-240 0xb37e active Unknown
skein1024-248 0xb37f active Unknown
skein1024-256 0xb380 active Unknown
skein1024-264 0xb381 active Unknown
skein1024-272 0xb382 active Unknown
skein1024-280 0xb383 active Unknown
skein1024-288 0xb384 active Unknown
skein1024-296 0xb385 active Unknown
skein1024-304 0xb386 active Unknown
skein1024-312 0xb387 active Unknown
skein1024-320 0xb388 active Unknown
skein1024-328 0xb389 active Unknown
skein1024-336 0xb38a active Unknown
skein1024-344 0xb38b active Unknown
skein1024-352 0xb38c active Unknown
skein1024-360 0xb38d active Unknown
skein1024-368 0xb38e active Unknown
skein1024-376 0xb38f active Unknown
skein1024-384 0xb390 active Unknown
skein1024-392 0xb391 active Unknown
skein1024-400 0xb392 active Unknown
skein1024-408 0xb393 active Unknown
skein1024-416 0xb394 active Unknown
skein1024-424 0xb395 active Unknown
skein1024-432 0xb396 active Unknown
skein1024-440 0xb397 active Unknown
skein1024-448 0xb398 active Unknown
skein1024-456 0xb399 active Unknown
skein1024-464 0xb39a active Unknown
skein1024-472 0xb39b active Unknown
skein1024-480 0xb39c active Unknown
skein1024-488 0xb39d active Unknown
skein1024-496 0xb39e active Unknown
skein1024-504 0xb39f active Unknown
skein1024-512 0xb3a0 active Unknown
skein1024-520 0xb3a1 active Unknown
skein1024-528 0xb3a2 active Unknown
skein1024-536 0xb3a3 active Unknown
skein1024-544 0xb3a4 active Unknown
skein1024-552 0xb3a5 active Unknown
skein1024-560 0xb3a6 active Unknown
skein1024-568 0xb3a7 active Unknown
skein1024-576 0xb3a8 active Unknown
skein1024-584 0xb3a9 active Unknown
skein1024-592 0xb3aa active Unknown
skein1024-600 0xb3ab active Unknown
skein1024-608 0xb3ac active Unknown
skein1024-616 0xb3ad active Unknown
skein1024-624 0xb3ae active Unknown
skein1024-632 0xb3af active Unknown
skein1024-640 0xb3b0 active Unknown
skein1024-648 0xb3b1 active Unknown
skein1024-656 0xb3b2 active Unknown
skein1024-664 0xb3b3 active Unknown
skein1024-672 0xb3b4 active Unknown
skein1024-680 0xb3b5 active Unknown
skein1024-688 0xb3b6 active Unknown
skein1024-696 0xb3b7 active Unknown
skein1024-704 0xb3b8 active Unknown
skein1024-712 0xb3b9 active Unknown
skein1024-720 0xb3ba active Unknown
skein1024-728 0xb3bb active Unknown
skein1024-736 0xb3bc active Unknown
skein1024-744 0xb3bd active Unknown
skein1024-752 0xb3be active Unknown
skein1024-760 0xb3bf active Unknown
skein1024-768 0xb3c0 active Unknown
skein1024-776 0xb3c1 active Unknown
skein1024-784 0xb3c2 active Unknown
skein1024-792 0xb3c3 active Unknown
skein1024-800 0xb3c4 active Unknown
skein1024-808 0xb3c5 active Unknown
skein1024-816 0xb3c6 active Unknown
skein1024-824 0xb3c7 active Unknown
skein1024-832 0xb3c8 active Unknown
skein1024-840 0xb3c9 active Unknown
skein1024-848 0xb3ca active Unknown
skein1024-856 0xb3cb active Unknown
skein1024-864 0xb3cc active Unknown
skein1024-872 0xb3cd active Unknown
skein1024-880 0xb3ce active Unknown
skein1024-888 0xb3cf active Unknown
skein1024-896 0xb3d0 active Unknown
skein1024-904 0xb3d1 active Unknown
skein1024-912 0xb3d2 active Unknown
skein1024-920 0xb3d3 active Unknown
skein1024-928 0xb3d4 active Unknown
skein1024-936 0xb3d5 active Unknown
skein1024-944 0xb3d6 active Unknown
skein1024-952 0xb3d7 active Unknown
skein1024-960 0xb3d8 active Unknown
skein1024-968 0xb3d9 active Unknown
skein1024-976 0xb3da active Unknown
skein1024-984 0xb3db active Unknown
skein1024-992 0xb3dc active Unknown
skein1024-1000 0xb3dd active Unknown
skein1024-1008 0xb3de active Unknown
skein1024-1016 0xb3df active Unknown
skein1024-1024 0xb3e0 active Unknown
poseidon-bls12_381-a2-fc1 0xb401 active Unknown
poseidon-bls12_381-a2-fc1-sc 0xb402 active Unknown
ssz-sha2-256-bmt 0xb502 active Unknown

NOTE: The most up to date place for developers to find the table above is

D.2. The 'mh' Digest Algorithm

This memo registers the "mh" digest-algorithm in the HTTP Digest Algorithm Values registry with the following values:

Digest Algorithm: mh

Description: The multibase-serialized value of a multihash-supported algorithm.

References: this document

Status: standard

D.3. The 'mh' Named Information Hash Algorithm

This memo registers the "mh" hash algorithm in the Named Information Hash Algorithm registry with the following values:

ID: 49

Hash Name String: mh

Value Length: variable

Reference: this document

Status: current

Authors' Addresses

Juan Benet
Protocol Labs
548 Market Street, #51207
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States of America
Manu Sporny
Digital Bazaar
203 Roanoke Street W.
Blacksburg, VA 24060
United States of America