It seems like yesterday when we were in Berlin, but I wanted to highlight that our Vancouver meeting is coming up soon. Sooner than usual, in fact, given the dates of the meetings this year. The meeting starts in just 60 days, on November 3rd.

The meeting host is Huawei. They are one of the biggest contributors in Internet standards work today and a long time sponsor of the IETF. Thank you for hosting us in Vancouver! The support of the host is an important part of setting up a successful meeting.

And I have high expectations for the meeting, given the exciting work that is ongoing in various working groups, not to mention some proposals for new work. But given that the meeting is so close, I wanted to note that proposals for those new efforts are due September 23rd, just three weeks away. Talk to your Area Directors about these efforts right away, if you have not done so already. Requests to schedule a working group meeting are due also on the 23rd.

And, for everyone, registration is open – please register to the meeting!

I am personally looking forward to going again to Vancouver, a beautiful city, and the location of many productive IETF meetings. IETF-88 is the fifth meeting we hold in Vancouver!

Here are some important links for meeting:

Jari Arkko, IETF Chair

Photo by Brian Campbell