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Behind the Scenes

20 Mar 2015

First things first, the network for IETF-92 is up and works well! Both the meeting area and hotel room networks are operational.

Cables at IETF 92

If you experience any problems, be sure to let the NOC team know at Note that we have a new arrangement for the network SSIDs. The “ietf” network employs now L2 security.

But I wanted to highlight how much is happening at an IETF meeting behind the scenes. A lot of volunteers as well as some staff and contractors are working to make the meeting a success. Networks are being setup by the NOC team. The secretariat is on site and preparing for the meeting. EDU team volunteers are working on their presentations for Sunday. And so on.

Bluesheets at IETF 92

Many of these people come early – the NOC and secretariat teams are on site many days in advance, for instance. By Friday the network is usually already fully functional, but before that many things must happen. I wanted to thank everyone who is doing this – without you the smooth meeting experience that we enjoy would not be possible at all. Thank you!

NOC at IETF 92
Empty registration at IETF 92

By the way, I know some of our participants have been impacted by airline strikes in Europe. Hopefully everyone will get to the meeting without too much delay.

I am looking very much forward to seeing you all and the interesting discussions during the week!

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