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  • The Internet and Environmental Impacts

    This IAB workshop considers what technologists and standards makers might do to reduce the costs or increase the benefits of the impact Internet applications and systems have on the environment.

    • Jari ArkkoIAB Member
    • Lars EggertIETF Chair
    • Colin PerkinsIRTF Chair
    5 Dec 2022
  • IETF 116 Yokohama registration now open

    Registration is now open for IETF 116 Yokohama

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    24 Nov 2022
  • IETF 115 post-meeting survey

    IETF 115 London was held 5-11 November 2022

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    22 Nov 2022
  • Catching up on IETF 115

    Recordings are now available for sessions held during the IETF 115 meeting and the IETF Hackathon, where more than 1500 participants gathered in London and online 5-11 November 2022.

      13 Nov 2022
    • Opportunities for university researchers and students during IETF 115

      The upcoming IETF 115 meeting in London on 5-11 November 2022 is a unique opportunity for networking researchers to learn how RFCs are written, to engage with the Internet standards community to begin to develop research impact, and to meet more than 1,000 leading technologists from around the world currently working in industry, academia, and other organizations.

        1 Nov 2022

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      Chair's Blog

      • Jari ArkkoIETF Chair

      22 Feb 2013

      Welcome to a new publication from the IETF, a blog from the (incoming) IETF chair!

      I wanted to create this blog as an additional communications channel, providing some insight into the kinds of things that the chair is working on, as well as hopefully soliciting further feedback on what we should be thinking about or doing at the IETF. As we learn how well this channel works, it could perhaps expand into being used by others, such as other area directors.

      A couple of weeks ago I learned that the IETF nominating committee had picked me to become the new IETF chair, to follow Russ Housley as he is stepping down from his six-year term. Since then I have been working daily with Russ on learning what the chair has to do, reviewing processes and status of various support organisations, and talking to people. I have just started this process, and I want to talk to many of you personally, to find out what the importance of IETF is for you, where we could improve, and what new things we should perhaps be working on.

      And I am excited. Because I get to work with you, the people at the IETF. And because I think we keep working on interesting technologies that have a bright future. Such as networking smart objects or WebRTC, to name a couple of personal favourites. And I am grateful that I am allowed to do this work, for nomcom, and for Ericsson.

      But it also strikes me that we are in a very different place than we were six years ago when Russ started his work, or when Brian Carpenter or Harald Alvestrand started their work a couple of years earlier. Back then we had serious problems on many areas. After the administrative restructuring, building a professional support organisation, setting up IT infrastructure, rewriting the datatracker, developing tools to support the IETF work, making the leadership work in much more transparent manner, and countless other improvements have made a significant change. It is not always easy to remember these changes, as they happen on long time scales, but the end result is that today it is much easier to work in the IETF than it used to be. So thank you Russ, previous chairs, all the volunteer tool developers, IESG, administrative director and committee, secretariat staff, IANA, RFC Editor and countless others for these improvements!

      Not that there wouldn’t be challenges. There are plenty – otherwise our work would be too easy and boring. I’ll talk more about some of those challenges in future articles.

      See you all soon in Orlando – the IETF meeting is just two weeks away!

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