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  • Time to update the Network Time Protocol

    The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a foundational Internet standard that has provided clock synchronization between computer systems since the early 1980s. It was first standardized as RFC 958 in Sept 1984 with several revisions in the following years. Discussions have been ongoing in the NTP working group for a few years now about updating NTPv4 to NTPv5. This update is motivated by lessons learned, ongoing vulnerabilities, and emerging use cases.

    • Karen O'DonoghueNTP Working Group Chair
    • Dieter SieboldNTP Working Group Chair
    30 Sep 2022
  • Report from IAB workshop on Analyzing IETF Data (AID) 2021 published

    The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has published the official report from the workshop on Analyzing IETF Data (AID) 2021.

      28 Sep 2022
    • Applied Networking Research Prize presentations at IETF 115

      The Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) open session at the IETF 115 meeting will feature presentations on research into domain hijacking, the IETF's organizational culture, and DDoS attack detection and mitigation.

        27 Sep 2022
      • Supporting diversity and inclusion at IETF meetings by providing childcare

        Thanks to the generous support of IETF Diversity & Inclusion sponsors, onsite childcare at an IETF meeting was provided for the first time ever during IETF 114. The successful experience and continued support of sponsors means it will again be offered at the IETF 115 meeting on 5-11 November 2022.

          14 Sep 2022
        • IETF Annual Report 2021

          The IETF Annual Report 2021 provides a summary of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Architecture Board (IAB), Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), and RFC Editor community activities from last year.

            9 Sep 2022

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          Childcare starting at IETF 108 Madrid

          • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director

          24 Feb 2020

          For IETF 108 Madrid we will be introducing childcare for the first time at an IETF meeting to see how it goes.

          It is our hope that this provides important value, in which case we will aim to provide childcare for future meetings. The initial capacity will be up to 10 children and we will set aside a room for this purpose, which will be decorated and furnished appropriately for children. 

          The childcare will be provided by Holiday Sitters, the same firm that RIPE NCC uses for their meetings most recently at RIPE 79 Rotterdam. The feedback from RIPE attendees is entirely positive as it has enabled people to attend who would not otherwise have been able to do so and those participants who were initially concerned about disruption dropped those concerns after seeing how it worked in practice. It took a few meetings for the awareness to take hold with 3 children the first time it was offered, then 5 at the next meeting and then they were fully booked for the last two meetings. Following their advice we will need to put in place some basic rules about where the children can be in order to minimise disruption and print some cute t-shirts for the children, but otherwise we foresee no unintended consequences.

          If you are interested in finding out more or want to express an early interest then please let us know by email directly to Alexa Morris

          This childcare will be free of charge and we are aiming to secure a sponsor to cover the cost. If you are interested in sponsoring or have any questions about sponsorship then please get in touch with our Sponsorship Team.

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