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Code Sprinting

31 Oct 2015

The Yokohama Code Sprint is in progress! There are a few new code sprinters, and part our efforts has been in setting up development environments for them, as well as building a Docker image so that future setup will be easier.

Yokohama Code Sprint Buttons collection

We will also be working on improving agenda tools, building RSS feeds for RFC archival purposes, fixing statistics tools, and many other tasks. Thanks for all the hard work!

Codesprint Yokohama Team

For the first time, the sprinters have also gotten t-shirts and “I’m a Sprinter” buttons from the secretariat. And Tero Kivinen, a long-time Code Sprint contributor has milled some “Yokohama Code Sprint” aluminium coins for the participants! The coins acts as the “dot” for the sprinter’s badges.

Code Sprint Yokohama badge
CodeSprint Yokohama coin

Photo credits: Tero Kivinen and Jari Arkko

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