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31 Oct 2015

The Yokohama IETF Hackathon is now in progress!

IETF Hackathon Yokohama T-shirt

There is a bit less people than in the previous one, but still a good turnout, and a good number of exciting projects:

  • IPv4 configuration through DHCPv6 (per RFC 7341)
  • Improving privacy through DPRIVE. Currently, DNS queries leak a lot of metadata information to access networks, even if actual communications are secure.
  • Home networking on IPv6, and the ability to support multiple home routers, multiple interfaces, and so on. Building new solutions on top of the HOMENET working group’s work.
  • Intent-based network modelling, generating network configuration from high level descriptions of what applications need, without the applications having to configure specific nodes or paths.
  • Building tools to test the myriad of configurations that ICE allows.
  • Data-based network control with I2RS, NETCONF, and YANG. Also building tools to help analyse and verify YANG models across IETF and other standards organisations and open source projects.
  • Improving Daala video codec.
  • Building information-centric networking on top of link layers directly, running on very small devices and the RIOT operating system.
  • Building support for Service Function Chaining (SFC), allowing complex or simple services to be built from network components in a flexible manner.

IETF Hackathon Yokohama presentation
IETF Hackathon Yokohama room

I’m very excited to see the results of these projects tomorrow Sunday! I also wanted to thank Charles Eckel for running the show and Cisco DevNet for sponsoring the event!

(Photo credits Terry Manderson and Jari Arkko)

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