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  • IETF Working Group leadership skills training opportunity

    If you have ever been curious about what the role of an IETF working group chair entails, consider joining online training about promoting contribution, resolving conflict, and building consensus beginning 12 October 2023.

      4 Oct 2023
    • IETF 117 Highlights

      IETF 117 is a few weeks behind us and Dhruv Dhody, IAB Member and liaison to the IESG, took the opportunity to report on a few highlights and some impressions.

      • Dhruv DhodyIAB Member and liaison to the IESG
      21 Aug 2023
    • Proposed response to meeting venue consultations and the complex issues raised

      The IETF Administration LLC recently sought feedback from the community on the possibility of holding an IETF Meeting in the cities of Beijing, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Shenzhen, with received feedback including views that were well expressed and well argued but strongly conflicting. The IETF LLC has considered this feedback in-depth and now seeks community feedback on its proposed response.

      • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
      21 Aug 2023
    • Submit Birds of a Feather session proposals for IETF 118

      Now's the time to submit Birds of a Feather session (BOFs) ideas for the IETF 118 meeting 4-10 November 2023, with proposals due by 8 September.

        16 Aug 2023
      • Applied Networking Research Workshop 2023 Review

        More than 250 participants gathered online and in person for ANRW 2023, the academic workshop that provides a forum for researchers, vendors, network operators, and the Internet standards community to present and discuss emerging results in applied networking research.

        • Maria ApostolakiANRW Program co-chair
        • Francis YanANRW Program co-chair
        16 Aug 2023

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      Conclusion of the IASA2 Retrospective

      • Jason LivingoodIETF Administration LLC Board Chair

      1 Nov 2021

      The IETF Administration LLC (IETF LLC) has now completed the IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA 2.0) retrospective. The report was developed with community input and review and is now available online.

      This assessment was required by BCP 101 after three years of operation of the IETF LLC. In April 2021 we announced a proposed process and timing for this retrospective and sought comment from the community. We then started the process in June 2021 with solicitation of input from the community.

      The report documents areas where work is completed as well as where work is continuing. Section E of the document also contains several recommendations for future work, including that further IASA assessments be performed every three years. 

      This report will also be presented at the IETF 112 plenary meeting on 3 November 2021 at 13:30 UTC.

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