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  • JSONPath: from blog post to RFC in 17 years

    Today the JSONPath RFC (RFC 9535) proposed standard was published, precisely 17 years after Stefan Gössner wrote his influential blog post JSONPath – XPath for JSON that resulted in some 50 implementations in various languages.

    • Glyn NormingtonRFC 9535 Editor
    21 Feb 2024
  • Stepping towards a Sustainable Internet

    The IAB’s new Environmental Impacts of Internet Technology (E-Impact) program will hold its first virtual interim meeting over two slots on 15 and 16 February 2024. These interim meetings are open to participation, and we invite all interested community members to join, participate, and contribute.

    • Jari ArkkoE-Impact Program Lead
    • Suresh KrishnanE-Impact Program Lead
    7 Feb 2024
  • What’s the deal with Media Over QUIC?

    In 2022, the IETF formed a working group for Media Over QUIC (MoQ)—a media delivery solution that has the potential to transform how we send and receive media during live streaming, real-time collaboration, gaming, and more.

    • Brett BralleyThought Leadership Content Writer, Cisco
    25 Jan 2024
  • IETF Administration LLC 2024 Budget

    The IETF Administration LLC has finalised its budget for 2024.

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    18 Jan 2024
  • Update on the IT Infrastructure Transition Project

    Begun in the last quarter of 2023, work is underway to define and deploy a new, cloud-based infrastructure approach for services that support the work of the IETF, and to move those services onto the new infrastructure.

    • Robert SparksIETF Tools Project Manager
    12 Jan 2024

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IETF Administration LLC 2024 Draft Budget

  • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director

6 Dec 2023

The IETF Administration LLC has prepared its draft budget for 2024 and now seeks community feedback.

The IETF Administration LLC 2024 Draft Budget is made up of the following:

  1. Budget
  2. Meetings budget
  3. Chart of accounts

Key assumptions

  • Internet Society contribution as per our agreement
  • All meetings will go ahead with an increased fee structure but with lower levels of onsite registration than pre-COVID.
  • Fundraising will meet the targets set out two years ago.
  • IT support structure has changed from prior years
  • Investments rate of return is 4% over the year, as confirmed with our investment advisors
  • 4% inflation reflected in some admin and contract costs


Summary of 2024 budget and comparison to 2023
2024 Draft Budget 2023 Budget Variance
Non-Meeting Revenue $ 9,271,173 $ 10,264,250 $ (993,077)
Meeting Revenue $ 4,147,704 $ 3,685,791 $ 461,913
TOTAL REVENUE $ 13,418,877 $ 13,950,041 $ (531,164)
Operating Expenses $ 7,123,163 $ 6,353,650 $ (769,513)
Meeting Expenses $ 5,076,232 $ 4,933,815 $ (142,417)
TOTAL EXPENSES $ 12,199,395 $ 11,287,465 $ (911,930)
NET INCOME $ 1,219,482 $ 2,662,576 $ (1,443,094)
Capital Expenditure $ 1,015,942 $ 752,400 $ (263,542)
NET INCOME AFTER CAPITAL $ 203,540 $ 1,910,176 $ (1,706,636)

Key changes from 2023

Budget changes

  • Investments
    • The budget for Investment income is lower due to using 4% vs. 10% as only income returns are being budgeted (not increase in value).  This is a decrease of ($1,213,077)
  • Meetings:
    • Sponsorship revenue budgeted increased $180,000 spread between Hosts, Running Code, and D&I 
    • Meeting Rebates & Comps budgeted includes Subvention Grants and VAT recovery, whereas 2023 did not include either of these
    • Meeting NOC Support includes the cost of in-kind circuits, whereas 2023 did not include the expense side of this contribution
    • Sponsorship Supported Services for 2024 eliminated the ASL service and the Fee Waiver expense, as this is just lost revenue
  • Administration:
    • Inflationary increase in all wages at 4%
    • Reduction of 1 FTE for fundraising
    • Adjustment for actual payroll process fees being greater
    • The cost of the annual financial audit was budgeted in Operation in 2023 and was moved to CPA services for 2024
  • RFC Production Center
    • Includes a new Citation Specialist (through AMS)
  • IETF Trust
    • Adjusted the prior year standard budget amount of $165,216 to agree with the 2024 Advice in the IETF Trust approved 2023 budget - $120,652 standard budget and $30,000 reserve amount
  • Tools:
    • Due to migrating IT Infrastructure and Mail Management to other contractors and methodology, there is an increase in Staff costs and a decrease in Secretariat-IT costs.  The migration costs are included also.
  • Depreciation was not budgeted in 2023, but has been included for 2024

Presentation changes

  • No changes

Community feedback

Community feedback on the budget is welcome and should be made either directly to the IETF Executive Director at, who can also answer any questions, or to the administration discussion list  Please provide any feedback before December 30th 2023.

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