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IETF Administration LLC 2024 Strategic Plan

9 Jan 2024

The IETF Administration LLC Strategic Plan sets out the strategy that it aims to follow over the next 3-5 years.

This Strategic Plan is developed by the IETF LLC Board and then revised after consultation with the IETF community. The call for consultation went out on 6 October 2023 and feedback was provided directly and on the admin-discuss mailing list. As a result of this, the following changes were made to the strategy:

  • To add a goal around making the IETF as accessible as possible in order to address the concern that meeting fees are a barrier to participation and to reflect the long-term aspiration of the IETF LLC to reduce or even eliminate these fees.  The new text is:
    • To make IETF infrastructure and services, in particular IETF Meetings, as fairly accessible as possible, while still operating within resource constraints.
  • Remove the IAB from the transformation about strategic planning as this should only apply to the IESG.  The changed text is:
    • IESG and IAB uses the LLC to provide professional support for their strategic planning, as required.
  • Include text on the transformation about websites noting the IESG overall control.  The inserted text is:
    • The IESG is the organizational owner of IETF content and websites and has delegated to …

This strategy is an important living document for the IETF LLC. It forms the basis of the annual goals for the IETF Executive Director and is used as a key input into the annual budget process. Thank you to all those who provided feedback.

This Strategic Plan, along with older versions and related strategic documents, are available on the Administration Overview page.

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