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IETF leadership team retreats

10 May 2016

The IETF meetings are a busy time for many of the active participants, including members of our steering group or the IESG. Most of the time is spent in actual working group meetings, and there’s little time to reflect on broader issues. Every year the IESG finds some time for a “retreat” meeting to discuss topics with sufficient amount of time, to get to know the new ADs, do some team building, and so on.

This week the IESG meets for a couple of days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, hosted by Kathleen Moriarty and EMC — thanks! We will be talking about both organisational aspects as well as some interesting technical topics. Typically, retreats involve both us discussing internal matters as well as some interaction with other people. This year we are taking the advantage of being located near MIT, and drawing in on some of their experts on security and other topics. We’re also reviewing some aspects of the Internet of Things work program at the IETF, and have guests from Bluetooth SIG explain how they see the evolution of this space. We will also be continuing to pay attention to external trends affecting the IETF, and trying to understand how the organisation evolves due to, say, the growing importance of open source and the increasing ability of people to collaborate over the Internet in standards discussions.

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) is also meeting in Cambridge next week. Their agenda includes discussion of cross-organisation workshops (such as the recently organised IOTSI workshop), RFC document format specifications, and some housekeeping around the IANA transition. The Internet Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) met already last week, and went through a number of issues, including preparation of our findings regarding IETF 100 in Singapore. Expect to see an email to the IETF list soon, and let us know what you think.

Jari Arkko, IETF Chair

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