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IETF Datatracker updates and service outages planned

13 Apr 2022

Two updates in the coming weeks will significantly revise the look of the IETF Datatracker and, after a short outage on 25 April 2022, upgrade the hardware for most IETF services.

The IETF Datatracker, the day-to-day front-end to the IETF database for people who work on IETF standards is set for a significant new deployment this week. Thanks to work by participants at the IETF 113 Code Sprint this will include bug fixes and enhancements. The Datatracker has undergone a massive overhaul to improve its HTML5 compliance and is being modified to use Bootstrap 5. The result will allow us to more easily include updates to the underlying dependencies going forward.

Below is an example of what the site will look like after that deployment.


In addition, we are transitioning most IETF services onto faster hardware with a better network connection. This is currently planned for approximately 1500-1900 UTC on April 25 (0800-1200 US Pacific). This will affect email (including list processing and archive access),,, and the IETF Datatracker. Email sent to addresses during this time will queue, and will be delivered after the transition is complete We are working to minimize the downtime of any individual service.

This transition includes steps towards not needing to have disruptions that affect all services like this going forward.

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