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New policy on fee waivers for IETF 108

  • Jay Daley
  • IETF Executive Director
  • 19 Jun 2020

The IETF 108 meeting, hosted by Ericsson, is switching to a fully online meeting over 5 days with an agenda structure similar to that of an in-person meeting.

IETF 108 runs 27-31 July 2020 with the IETF Hackathon the week before.

Following a recent consultation the IETF Administration LLC is pleased to announce the following changes to fee waivers for IETF 108:

  • The number of fee waivers available for IETF 108 is now unlimited, and
  • Fee waivers are now available at any time until the end of IETF 108.

If the registration fee for IETF 108 presents a barrier to your participation you can apply for a fee waiver for IETF 108 by filling out the fee waiver registration form and you will be provided with a free registration.

Fee waivers are offered on an honor system with no check on eligibility.

If you have already paid the fee and now require a fee waiver then you can contact for a full refund.