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  • QUIC working group looks to bring more security to Internet traffic

    Lucas Pardue serves as co-chair of the IETF QUIC Working Group, which focuses on a standards-track specification for a UDP-based, stream-multiplexing, encrypted transport protocol. The IETF blog recently asked Pardue about the QUIC standards project.

    • Grant GrossIETF Blog Reporter
    14 Jun 2021
  • Q&A with our new Director of Development

    Lee-Berkeley Shaw joins the IETF Administration LLC today as Director of Development. She will focus on designing and delivering the strategy to achieve the IETF’s goals for financial sustainability, with a focus on growing the IETF Endowment. We asked her questions about her plans for the IETF and her background.

    • Grant GrossIETF Blog Reporter
    7 Jun 2021
  • A new era in Internet transport

    The IETF’s Transport and Services (TSV) area is developing several potentially transformative technologies while it continues to maintain many of the foundational protocols of the Internet.

    • Martin DukeTransport Area Director
    • Zaheduzzaman SarkerTransport Area Director
    • Magnus Westerlund
    3 Jun 2021
  • Innovative New Technology for Sending Data Over the Internet Published as Open Standard

    Already broadly deployed and used, QUIC provides lower delay, improved security, and more robust delivery of data.

      3 Jun 2021
    • QUIC in the Internet industry

      QUIC, a new Internet transport technology that improves web application performance, security and privacy, was reviewed, redesigned and improved in the IETF, incorporating a broad range of input from across the industry.

        3 Jun 2021

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      IETF 109 Preview

      • Alissa CooperIETF Chair

      9 Nov 2020

      The 109th IETF meeting will be held online November 16-20 from 5:00 to 11:00 UTC each day. IETF 109 will cap a full year of online IETF meetings.

      IETF 109 Online Preview

      Next week, more than 1000 participants will gather online for a densely packed meeting featuring over 100 working sessions. Although we will miss seeing each other in person, we’ll take the opportunity to use the Internet to its fullest to progress the work of the IETF.

      Here is a brief list of some of the special events and happenings not to be missed:

      One Birds of a Feather (BOF) session is scheduled for the incubation of new work: MAC Address Device Identification for Network and Application Services (MADINAS). The other BOF proposal received in this round, Application-Aware Networking (APN), will continue to be refined for future discussion.

      Five working groups will be meeting for the very first time, focusing on a variety of topics including a semantic definition format for the Internet of Things (ASDF), HTTP API building blocks (HTTPAPI), syntax for selecting fields and values from JSON documents (JSONPATH), revision of core email specifications (EMAILCORE), and secure encapsulation for real-time media (SFRAME).

      The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) will host two sessions: the IAB open meeting to update the community on current activities and an RFC Editor Future Development program meeting. 

      The IETF Hackathon is taking place this week, November 9-13, with teams collaborating on projects virtually. The Hackathon wrap-up session with team presentations will take place on November 13 from 5:00 to 7:00 UTC.

      The HotRFC session, where anyone can sign up to come give a short pitch about a new idea, will be running as a real-time virtual session on November 13 from 14:00 to 15:30 UTC. Request a slot by sending a short abstract to

      Throughout the week we’ll again be using Gather as a place for informal hallway conversations and gathering during non-meeting times. In Gather you will also find help desks for the RFC Editor, IANA, and the Secretariat as well as areas to meet up with colleagues.

      And here are some handy links to help participants make the most of their online IETF meeting experience:

      Thanks to Cisco as the meeting host and to all of our dedicated sponsors! Special thanks also to the secretariat, Meetecho, the NOC, the tools team, and the IETF LLC for all the work they’ve put into the online meeting experience. 

      See you in the sessions and in Gather!

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