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Internet Governance Forum

9 Nov 2015

The Internet Governance Forum or IGF is an organisation that enables the discussion of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet. It is an open meeting for many different types of participants ranging from (some) technical community members to governments.

IGF 2015

The IGF meetings run once per year, this year’s meeting beginning today at João Pessoa, Brazil. But it is associated with an extensive network of local or regional IGF-related meetings, and other organisations. For instance, in Finland we have the Finnish Internet Forum, and Europe we have the EuroDIG, and so on.

Current policy issues discussed around the Internet are also highly visible in the IGF. The IANA transition work is obviously ongoing work elsewhere in the system (such as for our part at the IETF), but several workshops will discuss the current status of that effort. Security and privacy continue to be highly important topics for many participants. And of course, we at the IETF work on technical side of privacy improvements. The Internet of Things, again something that we work with at the IETF, is a topic for a number of panel discussions.

Looking forward to a productive week here at the IGF! There are several IETF participants on site as well. From our leadership groups Ted Hardie, Barry Leiba, Andrew Sullivan, and Suzanne Woolf are participating in addition to myself. We plan to report back once the meeting is over.

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