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Internet Society Extends Financial Support to the IETF

10 Jan 2024

Today we are pleased to announce an extended agreement with the Internet Society to continue providing major financial support to the IETF for five more years, through March 2029.

The Internet Society (ISOC) has been the key long-time supporter and funder of the IETF’s activities. As part of establishing the IETF Administration LLC, the Internet Society committed to two years of partial funding for the IETF’s operating expenses. Their support was extended in 2020 and they have now further extended it for five more years, through March 2029.

Under the extended agreement, ISOC will continue to provide a significant contribution to cover the IETF’s annual operating expenses through the Internet Society Foundation—totaling $47,100,000 from 2024 to 2029. The years 2024-2026 were covered under our prior agreement, with the extension providing $25,200,000 over the 2027-2029 period. 

Organizational sponsors, meeting hosts, meeting fees will remain significant components of the IETF’s overall budget. In addition, ISOC will continue to support the IETF’s long-term fundraising efforts by providing matching contributions. 

You can make a donation that takes advantage of this matching opportunity today.

Thank you to the Internet Society for their ongoing financial support! 

ISOC Sponsorship

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