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Launch of IETF Community Survey 2022

20 Dec 2022

The 2022 IETF Community Survey is live! Respond by 23 January 2023.

The IETF Community survey is our major annual survey of the whole of the IETF community and is used to inform the actions of IETF leadership throughout the year. Our 2021 survey had over 2000 responses and the results were documented in a blog post and a detailed report.

We are now launching our 2022 IETF Community Survey and we would be very grateful if you could spare six minutes to provide your feedback on the IETF and your experiences even if you don’t consider yourself an IETF participant:

Please note that Javascript is required for this survey, we run this survey in anonymous mode and we do not collect data such as IP addresses.

An invitation to participate in this survey will be sent directly to approximately 55,000 email addresses extracted from those lists on Monday 19th December from my address <>. These email addresses are all those subscribed to an IETF mailing list except those only subscribed to lists that are explicitly not intended for IETF participants (such as the meeting companions lists).

If you unsubscribed from the 2021 survey then you will not receive the email. If you want to unsubscribe now from this and all future community surveys then you can do so by emailing and responding to the confirmation email. If you have a more complex unsubscription request then please send me the list of addresses to unsubscribe. Your unsubscription will be recorded for future community surveys. Apologies in advance if you get the invitation more than once. We have de-duplicated where '+' notation is used but not beyond that.

We have chosen this approach of a direct email over two alternatives: a) relying on an announcement, because ietf-announce only has 2945 subscribers and the community is over ten times that size; or b) posting the survey to every IETF mailing lists, because that would be too disruptive to the work of the IETF.

This survey will close on Monday 23rd January 2023. Thanks in advance for your time!

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