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The Network and Meeting Rooms are Ready

18 Jul 2015

The IETF meeting rooms and registration desk are ready for the meetings to start. A lot of activity is already going on on Saturday this time, but actual registration opens on Sunday at 1000 in the Congress Hall Foyer on the Lower Lobby level.

IETF 93 Registration
IETF 93 Registration


The IETF network is up and seems to be working fine in the public areas and in the hotel rooms at the Hilton. The network is built to a large extent with the help of volunteers. Thank you everyone who has worked on this!

IETF 93 network cables

Both wired and wireless network should be working in the rooms. In my room the wired does not seem to work, however. This could be the wiring in my room. If you encounter issues with the IETF network, give us a shout at


The IETF Hackathon room was ready on Friday, complete with suitable refreshments for the hacking. We will be quite tight, however, with over 100 people registered.

IETF 93 Hackathon
IETF Hackathon in Prague
IETF Hackathon in Prague
Drinks at the IETF Hackathon

There are also several other events ongoing around the IETF. The ETSI interop event is working on 6TISCH and RPL, for instance, next door to the Hackathon room. The CrypTech team is working on their open-source, trusted cryptographic hardware.

The RITE project is also meeting, with the goal of “saying NO to latency”. This sounds very interesting!

RITE research group


Per a requirement from the IAOC, the hotel elevators have been upgraded:

IETF 93 hotel elevator is v6-enabled
IETF 93 hotel elevator is v6-enabled

Finally, make sure you select the right room when you come to the meeting. Our meeting is the one with the better odds of success.

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