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  • Time to update the Network Time Protocol

    The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a foundational Internet standard that has provided clock synchronization between computer systems since the early 1980s. It was first standardized as RFC 958 in Sept 1984 with several revisions in the following years. Discussions have been ongoing in the NTP working group for a few years now about updating NTPv4 to NTPv5. This update is motivated by lessons learned, ongoing vulnerabilities, and emerging use cases.

    • Karen O'DonoghueNTP Working Group Chair
    • Dieter SieboldNTP Working Group Chair
    30 Sep 2022
  • Report from IAB workshop on Analyzing IETF Data (AID) 2021 published

    The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has published the official report from the workshop on Analyzing IETF Data (AID) 2021.

      28 Sep 2022
    • Applied Networking Research Prize presentations at IETF 115

      The Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) open session at the IETF 115 meeting will feature presentations on research into domain hijacking, the IETF's organizational culture, and DDoS attack detection and mitigation.

        27 Sep 2022
      • Supporting diversity and inclusion at IETF meetings by providing childcare

        Thanks to the generous support of IETF Diversity & Inclusion sponsors, onsite childcare at an IETF meeting was provided for the first time ever during IETF 114. The successful experience and continued support of sponsors means it will again be offered at the IETF 115 meeting on 5-11 November 2022.

          14 Sep 2022
        • IETF Annual Report 2021

          The IETF Annual Report 2021 provides a summary of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Architecture Board (IAB), Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), and RFC Editor community activities from last year.

            9 Sep 2022

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          Network is Up!

          • Jari ArkkoIETF Chair

          2 Nov 2013

          The IETF network for the meeting is up. Even the network in the hotel rooms switched to IETF network by mid-Friday. Everything is ready for the IETFers to come!

          A view of Vancouver
          A view of Vancouver.

          And the IETF crowd needs a very capable network, all of us being very heavy users. No hotel or conference facility network can take us unmodified. We bring our own gear and own setup. We put up direct IP connectivity, IPv6 and many other things that are not commonly found in hotel networks. And remember Paris where the team reworked the hotel’s network, making a significant improvement?

          But I wanted to highlight that all this does not happen by itself. We have a dedicated team of professionals and volunteers to do this as a service to all of us who get to use the network for the week. The people who set all this up arrive early, by Monday or Tuesday on the week preceding the IETF. And there is a lot of work. This time we transitioned to new address blocks, leading to additional configuration work.

          So I wanted to thank everyone who has been involved in the setup: Bill Jensen (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Bill Fenner (Arista), Bjoern A. Zeeb (Cambridge University), Chris Elliott, Jim Martin (Internet Systems Consortium), Joel Jaeggli (Zynga), Karen O’Donoghue (ISOC), Lucy Lynch (ISOC), Warren Kumari (Google), Joe Clarke (Cisco), Hans Kuhn  (NSRC), the Verilan staff (Rick Alfvin, James Dishongh, Colin Doyle, Nick Kukich, Brandon Height, Sean Croghan, Edward McNair, Dallas Breed). Thank you all for your time and expertise!

          I would also like to thank again Cisco, Juniper, and Telus for donating equipment and connectivity – this is very much appreciated as well.

          The NOC on Friday:

          IETF 88 Network Operations Center
          IETF 88 Network Operations Center


          IETF 88 Cabling
          IETF 88 Cabling

          Access points:

          IETF 88 Access Points
          IETF 88 Access Points

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