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NomCom 2017-2018: Announcement of NomCom selections

30 Jan 2018

As chair of the 2017-2018 NomCom, it gives me great pleasure to announce the results of the NomCom selection process for all positions to serve for the 2018-2020 cycle.

All candidates noted below have been confirmed by their respective confirming bodies: the IAB for IESG positions, the ISOC Board of Trustees for IAB positions, and the IESG for the IAOC position.

The selected candidates for the IESG are:

Adam Roach, ART AD
Alexey Melnikov, ART AD
Suresh Krishnan, Internet AD
Ignas Bagdonas, Management AD
Martin Vigoureux, Routing AD
Benjamin Kaduk, Security AD
Mijra Kühlewind, Transport AD

The resulting IESG will consist of:

Alissa Cooper, Cisco, Chair
Adam Roach, Mozilla, ART AD
Alexey Melnikov, Isode, ART AD
Ben Campbell, Independent, ART AD
Suresh Krishnan, Kaloom, Internet AD
Terry Manderson, ICANN, Internet AD
Ignas Bagdonas, Equinix, Management AD (O&M AD)
Warren Kumari, Google, Operations AD (O&M AD)
Alvaro Retana, Huawei, Routing AD
Deborah Brungard, AT&T, Routing AD
Martin Vigoureux, Nokia, Routing AD
Benjamin Kaduk, Akamai Technologies, Security AD
Eric Rescorla, Mozilla, Security AD
Mirja Kuhlewind, ETH Zurich, Transport AD
Spencer Dawkins, Wonder Hamster Internetworking, Transport AD

The selected candidates for the IAB are:

Brian Trammell
Christian Huitema
Erik Nordmark
Martin Thomson
Melinda Shore
Ted Hardie

The resulting IAB will consist of:

Alissa Cooper, IETF Chair, Cisco
Brian Trammell, ETH
Christian Huitema, Independent
Erik Nordmark, Zededa
Gabriel Montenegro, Microsoft
Jari Arkko, Ericsson
Jeff Tantsura, Nuagenetworks
Mark Nottingham, Akamai Technologies
Martin Thomson, Mozilla
Melinda Shore, Fastly
Robert Sparks, Independent
Suzanne Woolf, Independent
Ted Hardie, Google

For the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) / IETF Trust, the NomCom has selected Andrew Sullivan (Oracle Dyn) to a two-year term.  

The members of the NomCom thank all of the members of the community 
who offered to serve on the IESG, IAB, and IAOC. Additionally, our thanks go out to the many members of the community who have supported the NomCom process.  This is primarily a community of volunteers and the NomCom is extremely grateful to everyone who aided us in our task.

With this announcement, the regular work of the NomCom 2017-2018 is at an end.  

Kind regards,
-Peter Yee
NomCom 2017-2018 Chair

peter at akayla dot com

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