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Call for Comment: RFC Editor Model Update

  • Internet Architecture Board

9 Feb 2022

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) is requesting comment on an update to the model for organizing the RFC Editor function.

The RFC Editor comprises the set of functions that serve the Internet technical community in editing, publishing, and archiving RFCs. Discussion of changes to how the RFC Editor function is managed, staffed, and overseen have been part of the IAB RFC Editor Future Development (rfcefdp) program.

On 2022-02-07, the IAB issued a Call for Comments on RFC Editor Model (Version 3), which is being considered for publication as an Informational RFC on the IAB stream to specify an update of the RFC Editor Model. The model defines two high-level tasks related to the RFC Series. First, policy definition for the series is the joint responsibility of two newly created bodies. The RFC Series Working Group (RSWG) produces policy proposals and the RFC Series Approval Board (RSAB) approves such proposals. Second, policy implementation is primarily the responsibility of the RFC Production Center (RPC) as contractually overseen by the IETF Administration LLC.

The Call for Comment will last until 2022-03-07.

Please send comments to and

This document obsoletes RFC 8728. This document updates RFC 7841, RFC 8729, and RFC 8730.

This IAB Call for Comment is running concurrently with the IETF Last Call for the following related IETF-stream documents:

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