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Something for Everyone at IETF 102

11 Jul 2018

IETF 102, taking place July 14-20 in Montréal, Québec, Canada, is shaping up as a unique gathering for people from across a wide array of Internet engineering backgrounds and disciplines.

Not only do we have a packed slate of our typical working group and Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions, but also a number of co-located events bringing developers, operators, and academics together. There is something for everyone at IETF 102, including:

DNS aficionados. In addition to the typical working sessions of DNS-related working groups, the "DNS Resolver Identification and Use" (DRIU) BOF session will be exploring some of the consequences of the recent and ongoing standardization of DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTP. And this Friday, just prior to the IETF meeting, ICANN will host its DNS Symposium with the theme "Attention, Domain Name System: Your 30-year scheduled maintenance is overdue." Both events should provide lots of fodder for DNS developers and operators to discuss and debate.

Security/manageability gurus. As the use of encryption on the Internet continues to rise, the IETF community and the industry at large have been exploring the implications of this change on all aspects of networking, including network management. At IETF 102 the discussion continues in the TLS, QUIC, OPSEC, and TSVAREA working groups, among others.

YANG enthusiasts. The IETF continues to churn out the standardization of YANG models to meet the configuration and automation needs of an ever-broadening array of networks, devices, and services. At this meeting we’ll see the reach of YANG models into the Applications and Real-Time area in the CORE working group as well as in the Transport area in the IPPM working group.

Applied networking researchers. The annual Applied Networking Research Workshop will take place as a track in the IETF agenda on Monday with a goal of stimulating cross-pollination between academics and practitioners. It is open to all IETF attendees. ANRW will feature paper presentations and invited talks from leading researchers on TLS, routing, Internet infrastructure, congestion control, traffic engineering, and anonymous communications.

Protocol hackers and kernel devs. The IETF Hackathon returns this Saturday and Sunday, where 200+ participants will gather to collaborate on two dozen different projects to help advance the deployment and development of IETF standard protocols. Teams will be showing off their project results at the Hack Demo Happy Hour on Monday night. And we’re fortunate to be co-located this week with Netdev 0x12, the premier conference for Linux kernel networking developers, taking place at the Hyatt Regency in Montreal July 11-13.

IETF process commentators. IETF 102 will be host to an unusually high number of discussion sessions related to IETF processes and administration. The IASA2 working group will meet to discuss changes to the IETF’s administrative structure; the RFC++ BOF will look at proposed changes to the streams of the RFC series; and the I18NRP BOF will examine suggestions for better incorporating internationalization review into the IETF’s work.

Of course, those are just the highlights. Join us in Montréal for all of that and more! Huge thanks to our meeting host Juniper for making IETF 102 possible, and to all of our sponsors whose support is crucial to making our meetings succeed.

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