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22 Oct 2013

I visited the RIPE meeting and IGF meetings recently, and wanted to post two speeches that I held in these events.

RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). RIPE meetings are held two times a year, and draw several hundred people from ISPs and other involved parties, mostly within Europe. At RIPE I talked about pervasive monitoring, the upcoming IETF-88 program around that topic, and the kinds of technical things that are being discussed. I also made a call for working on more secure Internet and not just reacting to a particular event. The discussion in the RIPE community was lively, bringing up both technical points as well as the need to address surveillance issues also at political level (outside our technical organisations, of course). Here is the presentation and the video. The video includes the ensuing discussion.

IGF, Internet Governance Forum, holds a meeting once a year, and draws about two thousand people from technical, governmental, private sector, and civil society circles. I gave an opening address among several others. The other opening addresses were from other Internet organisations as well as political representatives. I wanted to highlight the need to understand Internet’s fast changing nature when considering governance aspects, as well as talk again about the pervasive monitoring topic. My speech is here.

I hope to be able to write more about what was going on at the IGF once the meeting is over.

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