Working Group chair resources

This page provides quick links to the set of tools and resources for IETF Working Group chairs.

Key Info

IESG Information
Datatracker  |  I-D Requirements
Recent IESG Announcements

IPR Information
IPR Policy  |  Note Well  |  IPR Notices

New Chair Resources
WG Chairs Wiki | WG Chair Leadership Training
On Consensus and Humming in the IETF [RFC 7282]
Datatracker Sandbox

Working Group Procedures
The Internet Standards Process [RFC 2026]
WG Guidelines & Procedures [RFC 2418]
IESG Statement on Moderated Lists  |  Updating Milestones
MIB Review Guidelines [RFC 4181] | WG Chairs' Guide (wiki page)
Proto Write-Up Templates

Working Group Tools
IETF Internet-Draft Submission Status   | IETF Etherpad
Liaison Statement Manager
Working Group Chairs Photo Directory

Working Group Chairs Email Archive
Web Archive  |  Archive Directory

Meeting Information
Proceedings Directory  |  Jabber Sessions
Audio Archives  |  Cutoff Dates

Meeting Procedures
Formatting & Content of Meeting Materials 
BOF Procedures  |  IESG Statement on Interim Meetings 
Info for Chairing for WG & BOF sessions
Requesting Meeting Sessions
Submitting Meeting Materials

Meeting Tools
Session Request Tool  |  Interim Meeting Request
Meeting Materials Manager  |  Note Well (PPT) (PDF) (ODP)
Face-to-Face Interim Meeting Blue Sheet | Chromebook instructions

WebEx Tools
WebEx Session Request Tool  |  WebEx Guidelines
Hosting a WebEx Meeting (Windows and Mac)
Introduction to Meeting Center Video (43:24) 
Right-click to download MP4 - 28 MB | ZIP - 19.7 MB

Newcomers' Orientation 


  • [1] RFC 7282
    On Consensus and Humming in the IETF

    The IETF has had a long tradition of doing its technical work through a consensus process, taking into account the different views among IETF participants and coming to (at least rough) consensus on technical matters. In particular, the IETF is supposed not to be run by a "majority rule" philosop...

  • [2] RFC 2026
    The Internet Standards Process -- Revision 3

    This memo documents the process used by the Internet community for the standardization of protocols and procedures. It defines the stages in the standardization process, the requirements for moving a document between stages and the types of documents used during this process. This document spec...

  • [3] RFC 2418
    IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures

    This document describes the guidelines and procedures for formation and operation of IETF working groups. This document specifies an Internet Best Current Practices for the Internet Community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements.

  • [4] RFC 4181
    Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers of MIB Documents

    This memo provides guidelines for authors and reviewers of IETF standards-track specifications containing MIB modules. Applicable portions may be used as a basis for reviews of other MIB documents. This document specifies an Internet Best Current Practices for the Internet Community, and reques...

    Mike Heard