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Info for chairing WG & BOF sessions

This page provides a guide to chairing IETF Working Group or Birds-of-a-Feather sessions.

Note Well 

The Note Well text is available online.

Working Group/BOF Rosters ("Blue Sheets")

  • Please remember to circulate the Blue sheets for your session.
    • If they are not already on the clipboards, the blue sheets can be found in the translucent colored folders at the head table. Please do not remove these folders from the room; they contain the blue sheets for sessions that will be held in this room after your group. 
  • At the end of your session, please turn the blue sheets into the Secretariat at the registration desk. After registration closes on Friday, please turn in blue sheets to the Secretariat office. (The location of the Secretariat office will be posted at the registration desk on Friday.)
  • Please DO NOT remove the clipboards from the meeting room. They will be needed in the session that has the room after your group. 

Audio/Visual and Meeting Room Issues 

If you are having issues with the A/V equipment in your meeting room, or are having a problem with the environment in your meeting room (e.g. noise, temperature), please send a trouble ticket to Please be as specific as possible in your message, and remember to include the room name. 

Network/Connectivity Issues 

If you are having trouble connecting to the IETF network, please send a trouble ticket to or visit the Help Desk. Please be as specific as possible in your message. If you are unable to send email, please visit the Help Desk near the IETF Registration desk. 

Presentation Slides 

Please encourage all presenters to upload meeting slides prior to the meeting. For those that you do not receive prior to the meeting, please take a few minutes to upload them at the very start of the meeting. This is particularly helpful to remote participants since while they can follow the discussion via the jabber room and audio stream, they cannot view meeting slides unless those slides have been uploaded. 


  • At the start of the meeting, please ask if someone in the room is willing to act as "scribe" for the jabber room. 
  • The scribe should then join the conference room, and type a running commentary as to what's going on in the room (e.g. if a speaker makes a presentation, the scribe types the URL for the presentation into the jabber room). 
  • During question time, a remote participant can type a question into the room and the scribe will pass it on to the speaker.

Audio Streaming 

The audio streaming can only pick up sound from directly around the microphone, so it is important both that you speak directly into the microphone and also that you remind any meeting participants that they must come up to the microphone if they want to speak. 

Preparing for Proceedings 

  • The deadline to submit all materials is posted on the Important Dates page. Please use the IETF Meeting Materials Management Tool to submit your materials. 
  • Minutes may be submitted in plain text (strict ASCII or in UTF-8) or in simple HTML with no style sheets. Minutes submitted with style sheets will be converted to plain text. Submission of Minutes is mandatory. 
  • Presentation slides may be submitted in any of the following formats:
    • PDF Adobe Portable Document Format (Acrobat 3 – XP) 
    • PPT MS PowerPoint (v 95 – XP) 
    • We will convert all PPT and DOC into PDF and HTML 
  • Submission of Presentation Slides is strongly encouraged. When submitting multiple presentations, please indicate the order that the presentations should appear in the proceedings.


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