WebEx for Working Groups

This page provides information about how chairs can use WebEx for working groups.

Key Info

IETF has a number of WebEx accounts that can be assigned to working groups in order to facilitate IETF work. Once assigned, these accounts are administered by the WG Chairs. To request an account for your WG, please send a request to the Secretariat at iesg-secretary@ietf.org.

Please be sure to submit your request for WebEx to the Secretariat at least 3 business days before your meeting is scheduled. Note that official WG conference calls and jabber sessions must be announced at least two weeks prior to the event, as per the IESG statement "Guidance on Interim Meetings, Conference Calls and Jabber Sessions."

Please note that toll-free access is available within the United States only. International callers will need to use toll numbers or connect to the U.S. toll-free number using Skype or a similar service.

Setting Up Your Account

  1. Contact the Secretariat to request a WebEx account by emailing iesg-secretary@ietf.org.  You will receive an automatic response letting you know that your request has been received by the Secretariat.

  2. The Secretariat will contact you by email with the login details for your account. Please be advised that if you change the password, you will need to share that with your co-chair(s) so that you don't accidentally get locked out. 
    • Each WebEx account requires that a unique email address be associated with it. For IETF WG accounts, the *-chairs@ietf.org alias is used.
    • If you forget your password, please contact the Secretariat at iesg-secretary@ietf.org to reset it.

Helpful Hints

  • To share a document, go to the Share menu and choose "Presentation or Document…"

  • To record the meeting, go to the Meeting menu and choose "Start Recording."

  • To make another participant the presenter (allowing them to share documents), click on the participant's name, and then from the Participant menu, choose "Change Role To => Presenter."

  • To mute a participant's audio, click on the participant's name and click on the microphone icon.  (Click the icon again to unmute.)

  • For more WebEx help, please see the WebEx Meeting Center FAQs at https://help.webex.com/docs/DOC-1003.