Feedback and requests

This webpage provides information about common requests and topics of feedback for the IETF.

In depth

Website feedback

To provide feedback on the website, please send email to

Please include the relevant URL(s), if applicable, that provide an example of the issue you encountered to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. You should receive an automated reply soon after sending the email. A more detailed response, if appropriate, will follow. 

For feedback on other websites, please use these feedback channels:

For issues with, please send email to:

For, please send email to:

Intellectual property requests related to IETF standards

The IETF Trust and persons identified as document authors generally hold copyright to documents published as part of the IETF standards process. The intellectual property rights (IPR) page provides more information about IPR as part of the IETF Standards process, and links to mechanisms for finding and filing IPR-related disclosures. More information can be found on the Trust Legal Provisions page of IETF Trust website.

Meeting-related questions

The IETF meets face-to-face three times a year, in various locations around the world. IETF meetings are held over seven days (Saturday through Friday) and all participants must register (and pay a meeting fee) in order to attend. Remote participation is currently free (though pre-registration is still required). Please contact the IETF Secretariat at for any meeting-related questions. 

Sponsorship inquiries

Support for the IETF helps sustain the ongoing development and evolution of open standards that form a foundation of the global Internet. More information about how to sponsor the IETF can be found on the Support the IETF webpage. The IETF Sponsorship Team can be contacted directly at

IETF trademark or logo questions

The IETF name, acronym, and logo are registered trademarks. For more information about how they may be used, and how to request permission to use them, see the IETF Logo and acronym webpage.

Mailing list questions

Much of the IETF’s work is conducted via email lists. Information about how the lists are managed, and how to subscribe are available on the email list information page. For additional questions, please send an email to

IETF Datatracker account questions

The IETF Datatracker is the day-to-day front-end to the IETF database for people who work on IETF standards. Accounts can be created or updated via the IETF Datatracker webpages. For questions or additional information about the IETF Datatracker, please send an email to:

IETF standards process

Many questions about how the IETF works are answered in material available via the Participate in the IETF webpage. More detailed information about the Internet standards process, including links to relevant RFCs, is available via the IETF standards process webpage.

Other questions or feedback 

For requests not covered by the above information, send an email  with details about the questions or issues.