WG & BoF Chair Presentations

The EDU Team also hosts topical sessions for current WG and BOF Chairs that cover
topics of particular concern to WG Chairs. Some recent topics have included: IESG
DISCUSS criteria, IPR considerations, Managing a WG Meeting, Leading the
Consensus Process.

List of previous WG chairs presentation topics and speakers:

IETF 96 - Open Discussion Forum (No Designated Presenter) Forum Slides, Ombudteam Update,                                     Website Update, Notes
IETF 95 - Open Discussion Forum (No Designated Presenter)
IETF 94 - GitHub (Richard Barnes & Martin Thompson) Slides, Notes
IETF 93 - Other Standards Development Organisations (Scott Mansfield, Ralph Droms, Suzanne Woolf) Slides, Notes
IETF 92 - PRECIS (Andrew Sullivan) Slides
               Internationalization (Peter Saint-Andre) Slides
IETF 91 - JITSI Meet (Emil Ivo, Bernard Aboba) Recording, Notes
IETF 90 - English as a Foreign Language (Brian Carpenter, Heather Flanagan, Ning Zong) Slides  Notes
IETF 89 - "On Consensus" (Pete Resnick, Melinda Shore and Peter Saint-Andre) Minutes Recording
IETF 88 - Privacy (Alissa Cooper and Hannes Tschofenig)
IETF 87 - The Portion of the Datatracker that is most relevant for WG chairs (Margaret Wasserman)
IETF 86 - RFC 2119: MUST, SHOULD, MUST NOT (Stephen Farrell and Pete Resnick)
IETF 85 - Policy review (NOTE WELL, IPR at the IETF, and Antitrust) (Speakers: Adrian Farrel, Pete Resnick, Scott Bradner)
IETF 84 - IANA Considerations (Michelle Cotton)
IETF 83 - New Data Tracker Database (Henrik Levkowetz)
IETF 82 - RFC 4858 Refresher (Dan Romascanu)
IETF 81 - Requirements for a Working Group Milestones Tool (Paul Hoffman)
IETF 80 - Datatracker Enhancements (Various WG Chairs)
IETF 79 - Making Effective Use of Meeting Time (Margaret Wasserman)
IETF 78 - Open Issues in RFC 2418 - IETF 78 WG Chairs Lunch Material (Adrian Farrel)
IETF 77 - How Does Legacy IPv4 differ from IPv6?
IETF 76 - Issue Tracking for Working Group Documents
IETF 75 -
IETF 74 - IETF Journal and IETF Copyright Policies
IETF 73 -
IETF 72 - IETF Last Call and Gen ART Reviews, Mailing List Management
IETF 71 - No Training Held.
IETF 70 -
IETF 69 -