IETF Hackathon

hackathonOverview: IETF Hackathons encourage developers to collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards.

Technologies: The IETF Hackathons cover a range of topics including; DNS, HTTP 2.0, NETVC, OpenDaylight, ONOS, VPP/, RiOT, SFC, TLS 1.3, WebRTC, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF. New technologies are always encouraged!

Advance pace and relevance of IETF standards activities by bringing the speed and collaborative spirit of open source development into the IETF (e.g. targeted standards areas where ideas are flushed out, sample code is produced, and useful utilities are developed)
* Bring developers and young people into IETF and get them exposed to and interested in IETF

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