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IETF 103 - Host Speaker Series

Topic: Challenges of Evolution Towards Autonomous Network

The network is in the process of changing to adapt to cloud requirements and closer integration with computation and storage resources, which requires network provisioning within seconds. Network autonomy is a response to this challenge; to implement autonomy, the network has to be simplified. The simplification applies to protocol systems as well, as protocols play a key role in networking. 

Based on network autonomy, virtualization and softwarization of networks help to decouple tenant network provisioning from the underlying physical resource, which makes the speed of network service deployment match the one for computing and storage resources. In addition, intelligence is going to be introduced into the network to provide abundant data on network status for timely diagnosis, decisions, and configuration changes. Chang Yue will share his experience and insight to these trends, as well as his opinions on technology evolution.

Download the slides here.

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Speaker: Chang Yue, Chief Architect of Network Product Line, Huawei Technologies

Chang Yue is the Chief Architect of Network Product Line at Huawei Technologies. He is responsible for architecture design for all Huawei products and platforms within Network Product Line, including IP router, Ethernet switch, firewall, optical transport, PON, DSL, and corresponding management software since 2016.

Chang Yue joined Huawei in 1998 and has a long-term commitment to research and development of broadband network equipment, including ATM switches, broadband access server BRAS, and FTTX solutions and products.  From 2008 to 2016, he was responsible for the Enterprise Network Product Line architecture department, and led the development of a full series of campus Ethernet switches, access routers, and DC switches, which released the DC switch in 2012 to create the industry's largest capacity data product benchmark.