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IETF 104 - Host Speaker Series

Topic: Telemetry: Industry Status, Challenges, and IETF Opportunities

Telemetry is the new buzzword in the industry these days. Key questions addressed in the talk: What is telemetry at the network, application, and business level? What is the intersection of standardization and tool/reference-implementation development? What are the opportunities for the industry and especially IETF with regards to evolving telemetry?

Frank Brockners, Benoit Claise
Speakers: Frank Brockners and Benoît Claise, Chief Technology and Architecture Office, Cisco

Frank Brockners is Distinguished Engineer in Cisco's Chief Technology and Architecture Office, driving software and architecture development for software defined devices with a strong focus on telemetry. Frank is active in several open source projects, including ONAP, OPNFV,, and PNDA. He is a member of the OPNFV TSC and LFN TAC. Frank's current focus in the IETF is on telemetry, in particular "in-situ OAM". Frank, who is a 19-year Cisco veteran, holds a M.Sc./diploma degree in Electrical Engineering (Aachen, University of Technology, Germany; 1994) as well as a Ph.D./Dr. degree in Information Science (University of Cologne, Germany; 1999).

Benoît Claise, is a Cisco Fellow and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert), working as an architect in the Chief Technology and Architecture Office. Areas of passion & expertise include Internet traffic monitoring, accounting, performance, fault, configuration. Benoît's area of focus these days is network automation with YANG as the data modeling language, and telemetry as a feedback loop to solve intent-based networking.

Benoît was IETF Operations and Management Area (OPS) co-director from 2012 to 2018, period during which much of the data model-driven management protocols, encoding, and data models were specified. He blogs on this topic on his web site and spends time on the developments.

Benoît is a contributor to the IETF, with 35 RFCs in the area of NetFlow, IPFIX (IP Flow Information eXport), PSAMP (Packet Sampling), IPPM (IP Performance Metrics), YANG, MIB module, energy management, and network management in general. Benoît is the co-author of the soon-to-be-published "Network Programmability with YANG: The Structure of Network Automation with YANG, NETCONF, RESTCONF, and gNMI" and "Network Management: Accounting and Performance Strategies" books.